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Touch your beloved’s heart and if words fall short- just say it with a Candere ring!


A ring is the beginning of a lifelong love story, an expression of care, a symbol of wealth and also part of every fairytale! At Candere, we believe rings are designed to adorn pretty hands and we want to make this wish come true, for your loved one and for you.


Just like circles that go on forever and have no end, Rings symbolize eternity. Since antiquity, rings have been part of celebrations, weddings and special festivities in India and even in today’s modern world remain an expression of love, care & promises.


Candere has it all! We bring together a variety of precious rings in diamond, platinum and gold for you and your loved one. Propose to your fiancé with Engagement Rings that will bring tears of joy. Our collection of Solitaires are designed for the promise of a lifetime. Committed men can make their wife feel like a queen with special designs from our range of Anniversary Gifts. Independent ladies can pamper themselves with a sparkler from Daily Wear Rings to feel like a celeb every day. Our Gemstone pieces are something different with rings in sapphires, emeralds, rubies topaz and more to give you a royal edge. Multi-stone settings are a class apart because of their grand look and aura of luxury.


At Candere – we have unlimited designs to bring you joy, with valuable jewellery that money can buy.


Dazzling Diamond Rings:


It is said diamonds are a woman’s best friend and every woman needs a sparkling rock on her finger to remind her just how special she is. Our collection of Dazzling Diamond Rings features a variety of precious creations to adorn your lovely hands forever and pass it on to your family like an heirloom.


From sophisticated bands to classical designs that ooze glamour and a timeless charm, pretty women will surely be spoilt for choice with the vast range of designs withrings for the office, wedding designs and much much more! Each diamond ring has a unique persona and style to suit your individual taste and style. Eternity Diamond rings can be your wardrobe staple and you shop for exclusive bling to add more dazzle to your festivities withrings for Valentine’s,Diwali and Christmas. Our Cocktail Rings are all you need to make heads turn at a party and our Dual Colour bands bring you the best of both worlds.

Also browse through Rings for Mother’s and gift a special piece to the best lady in your life!


Glistening Gold Rings in 22K, 18K and 14K Yellow and White Gold


Gold, glistens, shines and mesmerizes. This timeless metal brings glamour and class to Candere’s ring collection and when studded with diamonds and gemstones – it becomes a must-have. Candere.com is on par with the changing trends and demands of the modern day world’s well-informed customer. Keeping the purity, value and craftsmanship intact, our precious creations include rings in 22K, 18K and 14K Yellow and White Gold.


22K Gold is an alloy composed of gold (91.67 %), silver (5%), copper (2%) and zinc (1.33%) and remains the most preferred choice of Indian buyers because of its elegance and ease of maintenance. 18 Karat Gold is 75% (750 parts per thousand) pure and 25% alloy, means 18 out of 24 parts pure gold is mixed with 6 parts of alloy. While 14 Karat Gold is 58.5% (585 parts per thousand parts) purity of gold.


Rings in Yellow Gold are more long-lasting because of their durability and easy maintenance. White Gold Rings are fast becoming the modern buyer’s premier choice owing to their classy look, contemporary craftsmanship and fine finish. Reasonable and ravishing, these rings feature uniqueness, class and creativity in design that are perfect adornments for people around the world.


Candere’s collection constantly introduces new designs that combine both metals in the most flattering setting to give discerning buyers complete value for money.


Customize Your Choice


Shopping online is not just a fad today but also an economical, easy and time-saving way to buy what your heart desires in just a few minutes. Candere.com believes in making this process exceptionally easy and convenient for you. Our customer care executives can be reached 24/7 on +91 22 61066262 and they can help you select the perfect ornament in a short time.


At the click of a button, you can shop at our online store Candere.com for rings within the range of Rs. 8,500 up to Rs 3, 62,000 depending on the carat, metal and number of diamonds in the setting. Through our Bespoke Services, you can also customize your chosen ring with a diamond of your choice, in yellow or white gold in 14K, 18K, and 22K purity, as you please. We are also Budget-friendly and can help you customise your dream ring in just a few clicks.


Operating at a Pan-India level, we are pleased to serve customers across the country including major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Kolkata to name a few. We also sell internationally and our designs are worn by customers from the USA, UK and Australia among others. Our aim always remains to see you happy with the purchase you have made, as at Candere – jewellery, craftsmanship and relationships last a lifetime.


Those who love to shop online for bling - Our team at Candere is always ready to hear from you and help you select the best from the rest. So next time you want to touch your beloved’s heart and if words fall short- just say it with a Candere ring.

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571 Items
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