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A bond of love. Of affection. A story of possession. Of passion. Every diamond has a story to tell. Every Diamond Ring has lived a fairy-tale that's associated with it. The story not only defines the jewel, it also defines the life that the jewel has lived and is going to live. Do you have a 'diamond-story' of your own that you would want to share?


     People communicate with each other, not in words, not in sound, but in diamonds! Yea. Talk in diamonds. But, to make this communication enriched, Candere has emboldened the beauty of the bespoke game, by engraving it in gold, to last forever! Both, the gemstone diamond and the precious radiant yellow metal gold are perpetual. Diamond in solo looks more than gorgeous! But what if it sparkles, nestled within a yellow shining soft metal. A metal as soft as your heart, and as bright as your brain! Candere has the best collection in the world, crafted in gold diamond rings, designer diamond rings, beautiful diamond rings and much more than your imagination can run. Your imagination may be limited, but definitely not the collection that Candere has, of bespoke diamond rings for women. Candere takes pride in crafting astonishing designs in diamonds and gold. Candere’s collection of diamond rings come with a premium and competent price tag that caters to all the financial brackets in the society. You will be spellbound at our bold designs that comprise anniversary diamond rings, wedding diamond rings and diamond bands, engagement diamond rings and lots more to list.


Let us help you with selection of our extraordinary diamond rings:

     You don't need to express your love with words anymore...if that makes you feel shy and blushed; enhance that blush with a beautiful emerald diamond ring; say you love your loved one with a pink sapphire diamond ring or pop a proposal with help from a delicious white diamond ring. Pamper your lady love with a round diamond ring. And, don't forget to spoil your princess daughter with a princess cut diamond ring - she will love you with all her heart! Be a doting parent for your princess. Celebrate your daughter's affection for you with dazzling jewelry.


Diamond Rings in India have been a part of all occasions, festivities, weddings, bonding, parties, etc. since time eternal; to the extent that Indians cannot plan an event sans diamond rings. The only shift that has perhaps happened over decades is the change of trends of buying diamonds rings in India, from physical stores to online stores.  Candere is an online store for bespoke diamond jewelry. Our virtual shop at www.candere.com lets you purchase your diamond ring online, which is so convenient because you can gather everyone at home around your screen and let them have a visual feast on our diamond designs.


     Choose the best ring as per your personality type. These perfect seamless, endless round shapes fit snugly around the nimble fingers of women and sweet little girls. Working women always lack time to pamper themselves or make themselves feel special. No need for that, now you can simply select a diamond ring for yourself and let it admire you and show itself off to your colleagues! What's best, we have rings that fit not just your finger, but also your wallet... ranging from 50,000/- right upto 9 lakh, meant for the high profile woman and the independent woman. These diamond rings are embedded in yellow gold, white gold and also rose gold!


     At Candere – we have designs that are unlimited like someone's love. Love that brings joy, happiness and warmth. Warmth that gets transferred from someone's heart, to their eyes, to their wallet and straight to your finger. Rings that suit your wallet and the finger that they are MEANT to garnish.  The Supriya Diamond Ring is a tantalizing design that will make your heart beat like crazy! Either pamper yourself with a self-gift, take a selfie and enjoy the moment; OR, gift to a loved sister, a loving friend or your darling mommy.


Engagement Rings: The heart-quivering Chelsea Diamond Ring sets the benchmark high for a long term commitment in your relationship. It shows that you already belong to someone's heart and that someone's heart belongs to you. Yes, that's precisely what Engagement Rings talk about, in volumes. And that's not all. You may also want to take a look for intellectual interests, into Candere's premium collection of designer Solitaire Diamond Ring, Eternity Diamond 'Bands' and Cocktail Diamond Rings - meant for those who define their style statement with the best solitaire rings in the world.


Candere's Signature Diamond Ring:

     The Rosie diamond ring priced at 9.7 lakh, is Candere's signature diamond ring - exceptionally crafted for a queen or a princess in the true sense; cause only a princess would truly value and fall heads-over-heels in love with a masterpiece like this one. It is believed that the ring finger on the left hand is directly 'connected' to the heart. So, a diamond ring is all about heart matters - this is not a pun at all!


            So. What's your story of your diamond? Tell us. We want to know.

            Own a diamond. Let your diamond speak its story. To you and to your loved one.

604 Items
  • Abbie Diamond Ring

    Style No. C002630
    Rs. 32,946 Rs. 24,737
  • Ranvita Diamond Ring

    Style No. C006367
    Rs. 31,093 Rs. 23,974
  • Sophie Diamond Ring

    Style No. C003137
    Rs. 17,479 Rs. 13,213
  • Annabelle Diamond Ring

    Style No. C006759
    Rs. 36,267 Rs. 27,364
  • Star Shine Diamond Ring

    Style No. C001682
    Rs. 30,316 Rs. 23,353
  • Sanjeevini¬†Diamond Ring

    Style No. C005309
    Rs. 31,599 Rs. 22,999
  • Asin Diamond Ring

    Style No. C003173
    Rs. 32,073 Rs. 23,948
  • Ikshita Diamond Ring

    Style No. C004374
    Rs. 24,375 Rs. 18,630
  • Ananya Diamond Ring

    Style No. C003947
    Rs. 25,772 Rs. 19,898
  • Trinity Promise Diamond Ring

    Style No. C001961
    Rs. 44,333 Rs. 33,546
  • Laurentia Diamond Ring

    Style No. C010359
    Rs. 47,996 Rs. 36,477
  • Reagan Diamond Ring

    Style No. C010469
    Rs. 43,726 Rs. 32,521
  • Felicia Diamond Ring

    Style No. C010364
    Rs. 47,844 Rs. 36,115
  • Tiara Diamond Ring

    Style No. C010297
    Rs. 42,112 Rs. 31,080
  • Alejandra Diamond Ring

    Style No. C002639
    Rs. 46,800 Rs. 35,340
  • Prachi Diamond Ring

    Style No. C006397
    Rs. 31,750 Rs. 23,660
604 Items
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