All about Pearl Jewellery; the gemstone that stole a million hearts!

June 9, 2018
Pearl Jewellery

How many of us think of  “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when we think of pearls? Nearly all of us! Pearls are not just gemstones but an iconic name in the history of jewels reborn to fame by style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Channel and Elizabeth Taylor. Here is all you need to know about the gemstone that stole a million hearts.

How are pearls made?

Pearl Cultivation for Pearl Jewellery

If you want to gift someone a present for her birthday in June, pearls are the perfect way to go. Known as the birthstone for the June, Pearls are of 2 types – natural and cultured. It is a gemstone born of a living organism and not mined. Natural pearls are born in oysters, molluscs, clams, etc. whereas cultivated ones are created by inserting a grain into the oyster.

Did You Know?

The rarity of a pearl and the perils of obtaining it made it such a prized possession that it was restricted to the ruling class and commoners were forbidden to use them.

Colours & Types of Pearls

  • Akoya Pearls: Also known as classic pearls, Akoya pearls are found along the coasts of Japan and come in shades of white, cream etc. The term “strands of pearls” was created for Akoya Pearls famous necklaces.

Akoya Pearls in Pearl Jewellery

  • Freshwater Pearls: These are the budget-friendly pearls known for their shapes, softer lustre and pastel colours like pink, lavender and peach. Many freshwater pearls have a baroque shape and can also be called baroque pearls.

Freshwater Pearls in Pearl Jewellery

  • Tahitian Pearl: These come in vivid shades of metallic colours of black, green, gold, brown etc. They come in such varieties of hues that Tahitian pearl necklace has quite a demand in the market.

Tahitian Pearls in Pearl Jewellery

  • South Sea Pearls: Perfectly round in shape, these are known as the Rolls Royce of Pearls. One of the most valuable they are rare and are comes in different colours from White to light Gold.

South Sea Pearls in Pearl Jewellery

Interesting Facts about Pearls

Let’s have a quick questionnaire here. If you answer all correctly, guess who has got their general knowledge in place!

  • What does the colour, texture and glow of Pearls depend on? – The quality of the nacre secreted by the parent (oyster)!
  • How common is the birth of a Pearl? – They are rare in its natural process and only 1/10,000 oysters can have one.
  • Are freshwater and cultured pearls different? Both freshwater and cultured pearls are cultivated; the difference is in its lustre due to the animal (oyster, molluscs) and quality of nacre produced.

Did you Know?

Kokichi Mikimoto was the first person to invent cultivated pearls in 1893, thus bringing down the cost of pearls and making it available to the masses.

What is the pearl price?

Pearl grading depends on the following four factors –

  • The bigger the better: Unlike most gemstones, pearls size is measured in grains (4grains=1carat).
  • If it’s smooth, it’s probably a fake: Pearls have a gritty surface. You may slowly brush the pearl against your teeth to confirm this.
  • Who said only love comes in all shapes and sizes?: Pearls come in different shapes i.e. round, semi-round, pear, drop, button, oval, etc.
  • The inner glow comes from within: Pearls secrete a natural nacre when a particle or irritant enters an oyster. This is a defence mechanism that carries on for years and forms a pearl. The shine on a pearl is the glow of the nacre. The older the pearl the more layers.

Buy Pearls Online

Why stick to white when you can have a rainbow? We, at Candere, have hues of pearls for you – Crystal White, Crystal Creamrose, Light Gold, Scarabaeus Green, Mauve, Peach, etc.

Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings in Pearl Jewellery

Big bold pearl rings make quite a statement. Listed below are some pearl rings which have been bestsellers ever since they set foot on our site and some contemporary pearl ring designs for the damsel in you –

Love Seat Pearl Ring: This ring is made of either white or peach colour respectively. Priced at Rs. 11,426, this ring has been a top selling product in this category.

Serena White Pearl Ring: A ring that’s designed to match your bold nature, this 2.42 carat Pearl is quite captivating. The diamonds placed gracefully on the shank gives this June gemstone a further boost.

Crowning Glory Ring: Two finger rings are the new statement jewellery. Crowning Glory has a very elaborate design, making the ring quite a spotlight stealer. Peach or White – take a pick!

Gossip Girl Diamond Ring: There are days when you want to look slightly special but don’t want to overdo your look. Gossip girl is the saviour for such days. The floral design has helped place the gemstones in the perfect way. After all, sparkling diamonds and dark pearls make the best combination ever!

Jolie Pearl Rings: This is our designer’s favourite. White gold, white pearl and sparkling white diamonds make the best trio ever! This light-weight jewellery makes a gorgeous gifting jewellery, thanks to the pocket-friendly pricing.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings in Pearl Jewellery

Pearl earrings especially studs are one such classic which every woman should own. Here are some top-notch ones from the site –

Pearl Earrings Stud: Encased Treasure Earrings, a design that goes well for days you don’t want to accessorise too much yet look chic. They can go both with traditional Indian clothes as well as gowns. Customize in Rose Gold or Yellow Gold as per your convenience.

Rope the moon is another similar example.

Pearl Drop Earrings: Dangle earrings will always be a woman’s favourite. It’s playful and charming and fun to wear. Here are some drop earrings you can checkout- Effervesce Earrings, Prancing Posey Earrings, Isna Changeable drop earrings, etc.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearls Necklace in Pearl Jewellery

As you increase/decrease the length of a pearl necklace, the name changes. Here are the necklace names starting from minimum to maximum – Collar, Choker, Princess, Matinee, Opera and Rope or Lariat.

We have a bunch of pearl necklaces at Candere too –

Daily Wear Pearl Necklace: We often want our daily wear neck jewellery to be a little hatke. The Octavia Gold Necklace comes with an alternative to Gold and pearl setting making it quite a colourful affair.

Lariat Pearl Necklace: Made in 18K Yellow Gold, Pretty Girly Diamond Necklace is a gorgeous accessory for casual outings, date nights and Sunday brunches. Besides being lightweight, this neck piece is very colourful and you will never get bored of wearing it.

Rope Necklace: A pearl necklace need not necessarily be made of a string of pearls. It can have other gemstones too. This neck jewellery is one of those types of pearl necklaces. It has Yellow, Pink, Green and White varieties of coloured stones. It’s perfect for days when you want to keep it light because of the place/occasion or when your outfits demand. Aapti Gemstone Necklace is one such example.

Layered Necklace –Constellation Diamond Necklace looks slightly posh for its price since it came in intricate gold designs, a 3.61carat pearl and diamonds. This necklace will go with many dresses in your wardrobe and is perfect for events where you need to look a little put together. However, Green Goddess Diamond Necklace is a more colourful version of the same tribe.

Pearl Pendants: Stephenie Diamond Pendant or Tammy Diamond Pendant are all about pearl being the centre of the pendant. It is a perfect work wear jewellery as well as gifting jewellery. The diamond(s) make the pendant quite gorgeous and the design stops the pricing from increasing abnormally. All the necklaces in this section make the apt white pearl necklace.

Pearl necklace price at Candere starts at Rs. 24,947 Only.

How to tell if pearls are real?

There’s a very high chance that you may not be a jewellery expert. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the best deal in the market. Here are some Pearls of wisdom

  • No two pearls are identical. There’s always a difference in colour, shape, size or even lustre!
  • Pearls are not perfectly shaped i.e. perfect round ones are fake.
  • Real pearls have a cold touch irrespective of the weather.
  • A string of real pearls when shaken gives a soothing sound.

Pearl jewellery sets will always be a classic. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe, get one. If you do, there’s no harm increasing it.

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