Bezel Setting | Types of Bezel Setting | Pros & Cons of Bezel Setting

September 24, 2018
Bezel Setting Types of Bezel Setting Pros & Cons of Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting is a type of setting used in jewellery to fit a diamond or precious gemstones in the design. In this type of setting, the jewellery metal runs along the entire edge of the gemstone to hold it in place.

If you are planning to get this in your next jewellery, it important to know all about it – what is it, what are the types of setting and the pros and cons of the same.

Types of Bezel Setting

This setting can be further subdivided into two types – Full and Partial.

Full Bezel Setting

According to this type of bezel setting, the diamond is held tightly from all sides. This is the most famous and preferred type of setting because it protects the gemstone from chipping as well as from any physical harm.

Partial bezel Setting

In this type of setting, the gemstone is held tightly from two opposite sides. In other words, it covers almost half of the gemstone along with the border. Even though you can get some really gorgeous designs in this setting, it’s suggested to avoid it for delicate gemstones.

Advantages of Bezel Setting

Even though it’s not the most famous type of setting, here’s why the bezel setting is still prevalent in the market.

Your diamonds are well guarded

A li’l protection goes a long way! When set in a bezel setting, diamonds tend to be more protected from any sideways wear and tear for daily wear. Diamond, being the hardest element doesn’t really get affected by the hustle bustle. That’s why gemstones below 7units of Mohs’ scale of hardness are set in bezel setting for an added protection.

Next time when you see gemstone (like Tanzanite, Opal, Pearl, etc.) rings in a bezel setting, you know why!

Internally Flawless look

Internally Flawless is a term used for gemstones without any imperfections (inclusions). IF diamonds are drop dead expensive. However, a pocket-friendly way of making your diamond glow in by setting it in a bezel setting. This covers all the inclusions around the edges.

Disadvantages of Bezel Setting

There are a few reasons why people don’t prefer this setting. Read ‘em below.

Waste of sparkling stones

If you have found a sparkling gemstone or diamond for yourself, having a bezel setting will not allow the light to get in. Hence, the stone will not receive the glory it should. If you have a sparkling stone, make sure the setting is such that maximum light can get in and make it shine to its fullest!


Bezel setting requires trained labour as well as metal to create it. That’s why it becomes pretty expensive to use a bezel setting in the jewellery.

That’s all about bezel setting for you. If we have missed out on anything, shoot them in comments below.

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