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  • Fashion Upgrade For The Newlyweds

Fashion Upgrade For The Newlyweds

With the official end to your spinsterhood, a lot of things are bound to change in your life and around you. One of the things that usually need special attention is the wardrobe. The most crucial part is to know the hierarchy from what will require your immediate attention and…
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  • Rules of wearing statement jewellery

Rules of wearing Statement Jewellery

Before we tell you the rules of wearing statement jewellery, let’s be on the same page about statement jewellery. Statement jewellery is a piece of jewellery that does the talking while you enjoy the attention in silence. It’s usually bold and captivating; a jewellery item that not only compliments you…
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  • What to do when a ring doesn't fit

What To Do When A Ring Doesn’t Fit?

We have all been there. Haven’t we ladies? We have often come across amazing ring designs with which we fall in love inevitably. We end up buying them. Mostly they fit, sometimes they don’t. How can you let go of something which you bought with so much love? Here are a…
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  • Tips to Shine with Office Wear Jewellery

10 Tips to Shine with Office Wear Jewellery

Every woman desires to dress up in a most trendy and fashionable way. However, when fashion and style are concerned at a workplace, dressing becomes a challenging task. Every one of us knows that it is distracting when someone at workplace wears flashy office wear jewellery to match the outfit…
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