How to choose the best earrings for your face type?

How to choose the best earrings for your face type

Earrings are bae… aren’t they?

Did you know there are so many types of earrings available out there? One design is different from the other, yet so amazing, so fancy! As much as we want to try out each and every earring design, it’s important to know that not all earrings are suitable for you.

Aww…  don’t be sad! Just as you know that you can’t wear all types of earrings, there are a few types which you can wear. Your face type is what determines which type of earring design should you sport. Here’s a list of face types we usually see and which type of earrings complement each of ‘em.

The Diamond Face

Sport anything you love but avoid wearing anything that’s abnormally long so that your face doesn’t look too longer than it actually is! Wear any contemporary designs with your diamond face and chill.

Guess which celebrity sports a diamond shaped face?

Sonal Kapoor has a diamond shaped face

The Heart Face

For the face that has won hearts, treat them with shapes that have a broader base. The idea is to add more around your chin area to make it look broader than it actually is. For instance, you can try out inverted hearts, inverted triangles, etc.

Guess which celebrity sports a heart-shaped face?

Deepika Padukon has a heart shaped face

The Rectangle Face

Love bold designs and styles. Guess what, your face is up for it! Rectangular face supports all bold designs like the heavy chandelier you see in TV serials as well as heavy jhumka your favourite actress was wearing at her best friend’s wedding. Explore them all!

Guess which celebrity sports a rectangle shaped face?

Kareena Kapoor has a rectangul shaped face

The Round Face

Anything that’s long (like danglers, hoops, sui dhaga, etc.) is your friend. Wear earrings which are long or you may sport geometric designs which are longer in shape. This takes away the focus from your round face.

Guess which celebrity sports a round shaped face?

Sonakshi Sinha has a round shaped face

The Square Face

Just like round-faced people, square-faced people need to wear designs that are opposite to their face type like oval hoops, drop earrings, etc. They help add vertically to your face and make it look otherwise.

Guess which celebrity sports a square face?

Anushka Sharma has a square shaped face

The Oval Face

There’s a reason why we have placed this at the end. Oval face types can wear any types of earrings. That’s right! Hoops, jhumkas, balis, sui dhaga, etc.. all be your buddies! Being said so, make sure you avoid wearing earrings that are too long (up to your collar bones) as it will make your face look abnormally long!

Guess which celebrity sports an oval face?

Katrina Kaif has an oval shaped face

That’s all folks. Did we miss out your face type? No worries, shoot your face type in the comments and we will update the post with your face type and suggested type of earrings.

Note: Images sourced from Pinterest for reference purpose only.