How To Rock Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

How To Rock Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Weddings are almost incomplete without a pre-wedding photoshoot. Pre-wedding photoshoots are just an excuse to capture some memorable moments with your special someone. Pre-wedding photos are meant to capture the last moment of your spinsterhood and his bachelorhood. Make sure you make the most out of it!

Here are a few things to consider before doing your pre-wedding photoshoot:

The Pre-Wedding Photographer

Get a pre-wedding photographer who has the same thought process just like you. If you have a dear friend who does wedding photography, get them on board.

You can also use the same person for shooting your wedding pics later.


Whether it be a bus or a swing, make sure you have everything planned beforehand. Anything last minute will add wrinkles on your face. Trust me when I say this, wrinkles are not something you pre-wedding photos should have.

When to shoot?

That’s quite a good thing to consider. You can either allocate a pre-wedding shoot like any other wedding functions like haldi, mehendi, etc. Or, you may do it before every such small event to add a variation in the outfit.


After the photographer, this is the second most important thing of your pre-wedding shoot. Don’t fret from pouring your love on your special someone with the most cheesy poses from your book. Besides, make sure you have already decided what poses should you do. You can also go ahead and share the ideas with your photographer beforehand to get some additional tips and tricks.

Makeup Artist

Outdoor or indoor, make sure you have your makeup artist on standby. You never know when you’ll need a touch-up. Assuming you will be in a heavy dress, do not even think of being the makeup artist yourself, after all, it’s your wedding. You need to be the one who’s having fun!

That’s all about some of the things to keep in your mind while shooting for your pre-wedding photos. If you think we missed out something important, shoot them in comments below.

Featured Image: AlakNiranjan