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Do You Know What The Ring On Your Finger Means?

last updated at April 3, 2023 | 2 min Read

Did you know, wearing a ring on each finger means something else?

You definitely know that a married woman or man wears a ring on their fourth finger but, interestingly, if you love wearing it on any particular finger, there’s a specific reason behind it.

We have all grown up listening to people say that the engagement ring should be worn on the fourth finger (ring finger), or that the head of the family should wear a ring on the middle finger! Such theories are quite intriguing, aren’t they? Let us explore what the ring on each finger means.

Ring on the Thumb Finger Meaning

Wearing a thumb finger ring of the active hand reflects ambitious hesitation. Wearing it on the passive hand indicates inner conflict.

According to palmistry, a ring on the thumb finger indicates willpower and self-assertion.

People who wish to wear a ring on the thumb finger are advised to opt for gemstones such as rubies, garnets, or carnelian.

Ring on the Index Finger Meaning

The pointer or index finger represents leadership, authority and self-esteem. A ring on the index finger on the active hand reflects confidence, self-esteem, and leadership qualities.

At the same time, wearing a finger ring on the index finger of the passive hand indicates acceptance of leadership from people around.

Palmistry identifies the index finger as Jupiter (Greek God) as it symbolizes ambition and leadership.

The gemstones advised for this finger include topaz, lapis lazuli, or amethyst.

Ring on the Middle Finger Meaning

The middle finger represents beauty, responsibility and self-analysis. It is a little uncommon to find someone wearing a ring on the middle finger. However, it is believed that wearing a ring on this finger indicates responsibility.

This could be the reason why they say that the family heads should wear a ring on their middle finger. Named after Greek God Saturn, the finger indicates law, justice, balance and responsibility.

The gemstones advised for this finger include coral, rose quartz, and aquamarine.

Ring on the Ring Finger Meaning

The ring finger indicates love, beauty, creativity and relationships. We all know it very well that wearing a ring on this finger reflects love and compatibility – a reason for wearing engagement rings on this finger.

Symbolically, the finger is associated with the moon and romantic relationships. On the same line, the finger is called Apollo (according to palmistry), the Greek God for love and romance.

The gemstones advised for this finger include diamond, sapphire, moonstone, amethyst, jade and turquoise.

Ring on the Pinky (Little) Finger Meaning

The little finger is also called the pinky finger. Wearing a ring on this finger makes a flashy statement indicating that the person is a good negotiator.

At the same time, the ring on this finger also represents professional status. It is believed that the finger is controlled by Mercury which indicates intelligence, institution, communication and persuasion.

The gemstones advised for this finger include amber, moonstone or citrine.

So this is the theory behind the placement of a finger ring. Though it is totally your personal choice to decide how you wear your finger ring, it is a good thing to know the significance.

Well, we never know if it turns out lucky, aren’t we right? Looking for great finger rings? Browse the range at Candere.com.



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