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A Comprehensive Guide To Birthstones 

last updated at January 24, 2023 | 6 min Read

What are birthstones? They are essentially gemstones that have been associated each with a particular month of the year representing a person’s birth month or zodiac. Some gemstones are said to represent the nine planets and are labelled as Astrological stones. 

These stones are allegedly said to aid in various issues of health, fortune, love and luck as they reduce or enhance the effects of planets on the individual. Whether you find the shine and hues of the stones alluring or connect with their spirituality, here’s a comprehensive guide to Birthstones.

January - Garnet

Best known as the red gem, the Garnet is the birthstone for January. It symbolizes love and friendship and is believed to bring good luck for the wearer. So if you’re hoping to add luck to your relationships, then garnet jewellery is just the thing for you!

February - Amethyst

The February birthstone, Amethyst belongs to the quartz family and is found in shades of light to dark purple to plum and reddish tones. Often referred to as the stone of peace, it is believed that the Amethyst’s calming presence brings sounder sleep and sweeter dreams.

March - Aquamarine

Named after its close resemblance to seawater, Aquamarine is the March birthstone. The Latin word aqua means ‘water’ and marina means ‘of the sea’. Etymology aside, Aquamarine is known to represent happiness, hope and everlasting youth. The aqua blue gemstone was believed to keep sailors safe from the dangers of the sea during their voyages. 

April - Diamond

Shining, shimmering, splendid; the April birthstone is a classic. April borns are fortunate to have the Diamond, a symbol of clarity and strength, as their birthstone. This rare gemstone is regarded as the love-bearing crystal. So, it’s no surprise that a solitaire is the most common choice for engagement rings.

May - Emerald

Glistening and gorgeous, the green Emerald makes the May birthstone. This gemstone symbolizes rebirth and is considered as the ‘Jewel of the kings’. Not only does it represent royalty, but also wit, eloquence and foresight. It’s truly a gem for the wise!

June - Pearl

The June birthstone is as unique as it gets! Here’s why the Pearl is so distinctive: It is the only gemstone that’s formed and found within a living creature. Different from other gemstones, Pearls don’t need any cutting or polishing as they are naturally stunning. Pearls symbolize innocence, serenity and longevity and are considered to be classy ornaments when worn as necklaces.

July - Ruby

July and Ruby season go hand in hand! Just like their birthstone - Ruby, July borns exude charisma and are passionate about what they believe in. Rubies are often seen as energy stones. They provide life force to the wearer, elevating their strong sense of individuality.

August - Peridot

The August birthstone - Peridot has a quaint yellowish green shade which resembles the colour of money. So naturally, Peridot has more often than not symbolized prosperity and good fortune. It was considered as the ‘gem of the sun’ by Ancient Egyptians who used it as a protective amulet against the dangers of the night time.

September - Sapphire

Relative of the July birthstone, Ruby, the Sapphire symbolizes growth and prosperity. The Sapphire is known to bring luck, loyalty, happiness and love, which makes it ideal for meaningful gifts to loved ones.

October - Tourmalie

Just like an October born’s vivid persona, their birthstone Tourmaline comes in multiple shades. Known to represent serenity, Tourmaline is helpful in balancing all your chakras and also bars unwelcome energies from entering your aura.

November - Citrine

The November birthstone is none other than Citrine, a stone known for its cheerful yellow hues! So naturally, the gemstone is associated with happiness and optimism and is often used to manifest great opportunities! So if you’re a November born, go ahead! Wear your birthstone and manifest that dream opportunity of yours!

December - Tanzanite

The 'Heart Of The Ocean' as seen in the movie Titanic, the Tanzanite is known to improve one’s intuitive powers and bring forth your higher consciousness. Get yourself a Tanzanite if you wish to welcome Good Vibes Only!

Now that you are filled in on all 12 Birthstones, start browsing our wide range of gemstone selections!

Note: This blog provides general information and discussion about birthstones. The words and other content provided in this blog and in any linked materials are not intended or should not be construed as spiritual advice. It is solely based on internet research and we do not take any responsibility for the same.


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