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What’s The Buzz About Gold Hallmarking?

last updated at July 16, 2022 | 2 min Read

What is hallmarking of gold?

Hallmarking refers to stamping something to indicate its purity or genuineness. Hallmarking of gold refers to stamping gold with its respective purity to ensure transparency of jewellers as well as the benefit of the buyer.

What is BIS Hallmarking?

Gold Hallmarking Logo

BIS stands for Bureau Of Indian Standards - An initiative of the Indian government for making hallmarking necessary for fine gold jewellery has ensured trust and reliability in the jeweller.

In India, gold jewellery hallmarking is done by BIS.

How do I know if my jewellery is hallmarked or not?

The first thing that you should know about hallmarking is - it is inscribed on the jewellery and doesn’t come as a separate certificate.

In order to check if your jewellery is hallmarked or not, you need to look closely at your jewellery for these four inscriptions - a triangular BIS logo, Gold Purity (995, 750, 583), Assay Centre Name and Jeweller’s Identification Mark.

Is hallmarking done for gold jewellery or diamond jewellery as well?

Is hallmarking done for gold jewellery or diamond jewellery as well

Hallmarking is done for the metal, not the gemstone.

Irrespective of what your jewellery is embellished with, all jewellery crafted in gold should be hallmarked.

What do the new gold hallmarking rules say?

According to the new Hallmarking rule, Hallmarking has been made mandatory by the Government of India to ensure the reliability of a jeweller.

Currently, only a few gold purities are allowed for hallmarking i.e. 14K, 18K and 22K. It is expected that certain purities (like 20K, 23K and 24K) will be added to this existing list in due course of time.

Old gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery can be hallmarked in its original form, if feasible, by the jeweller or after melting and making new jewellery.

You can sell your non-hallmarked jewellery to a jeweller or get it exchanged for any other hallmarked jewellery. However, it’s important to know that a jeweller is not allowed to sell it again.

Why is hallmarking important?

Why is hallmarking important

Hallmarking ensures you pay what the jewellery is worth and not something more.

In India, gold is shopped not only for fashion purposes but also for auspicious reasons. The ever-growing price point of gold has helped it attain this auspicious status, thus buying or wearing gold on special occasions is fairly common among Indians.

In order to ensure that your gold can be repurposed in the future, hallmarking is important to fetch you the necessary profits.

What do the new Hallmarking norms mean for Candere customers?

Actually, nothing!

We have been hallmarking our jewellery ever since our inception. All our diamond and gold jewellery is hallmarked.

The hallmarking is done on the jewellery itself while the diamond/gemstone certification comes in the form of an external certificate that’s delivered to you online.

Now that you’re well versed with gold hallmarking, let’s go ahead and get you some beautiful jewellery!



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