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All you need to know about Personalised Jewellery!

last updated at July 16, 2022 | 3 min Read

While people are flaunting their chunky and contemporary style jewellery, it’s time to get that touch of uniqueness out and show off a jewellery piece that resonated with you. From a desi look to a red carpet one, we have seen many pieces repeating and making a trend. But what has stayed in the game forever is the minimal jewellery pieces which can be styled up by stacking them or can be toned down and make just one piece standout. If you really want to make a statement and wear something that’s one of a kind, personalised jewellery is the way to go. You can be a trailblazer of your gang when it comes to styling jewellery and looking fab.

Personalised pieces always make a statement and provide a personal connection, telling a story of their own. Now, if you are very new to jewellery personalisation or customised jewellery, then let me tell you it can be anything that defines or connects with you. Just like a tattoo, you don’t get a piece of personalised jewellery made until you don’t feel the connection with it. Wearing something with a strong connection or meaning attached to it also gives you confidence from within. What’s best about personalised jewellery is, it’s just not limited to causal wear, festive wear, or ethnic wear, you can wear it anyway and anywhere. In the case of earrings, it can vary on the design - a traditional design will of course go with an ethnic outfit whereas a contemporary one with your western outfit.

Let’s have a look at what are the jewellery options you can get customised:

Meaningful pieces:

Take your love and make it into a piece of jewellery! We all have that one line, one word, or a symbol we all connect to or follow, or simply want to get something that reminds us of a pet or a loved one. And converting these meaningful symbols into a piece of jewellery can not only make it unique but also will surely be a conversation starter on many occasions. You can get a pendant necklace, a bracelet, or even customized earrings. You are not limited to one simple metal colour and can have diamonds and gemstones studded on the jewellery. Get creative and go all out when designing yours.

Initials or Names:

Show yourself some love with a piece of jewellery that has your name or initials on it! These days necklaces with initials and names are becoming quite the rage. There are multiple designs and styles you can go for like making it quirky or sticking with something that’s minimal and simple, the choice is yours. Apart from this, you can also get engraving done if you don’t want a piece that has your name or initials on it. Engraving is the best option to add that personal touch especially when you want to gift the jewellery or when getting wedding bands.

Get that creativity flowing:

When creating a jewellery design, for starters, you can also take inspiration from the internet. Add that extra bling with diamonds and gemstones, make sure you go all out because this is a piece that will reflect your personality. If you don’t want to design, that’s ok too, you can also get a piece of jewellery made that reminds you of your grandma or someone you know had jewellery you always adored.

Personalising a piece of jewellery should be fun, creative, and should make you feel special - like a badge of pride you would love to carry. But the big question is, where do you get your jewellery customised from?! Don’t worry I have just the right place for you!

Bespoke by Candere:

At Candere, we believe in helping our customers realize their unique design and bring it to reality. And that’s we launched the Bespoke feature wherein you can customize your jewellery online within the comfort of your house. All you need to do is:

  • Head on to the Candere website

  • Share your jewellery design and the idea of customizing it.

  • Select the gold colour, gold purity, and diamond clarity.

  • Your specifics are analysed, the cost is estimated and the timeline is shared with you.

  • Candere will cast the perfect mould of your jewellery and confirm your order by invoice payment.

  • Your jewellery is ready alongside a final payment adjustment.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

We are eager to see the various designs you’ll create with Bespoke. What are you waiting for, head to Candere.com and create your very own personalised jewellery piece now!


Nikita Keskar

Obsessed with Fashion and Biryani, you can find her binge-watching movies and shows in her free time.

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