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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

last updated at July 25, 2023 | 5 min Read

A timeless gold band crafted with a star-studded diamond set perfectly reflecting a radiant shine! For ages, we have marvelled at the sight of diamond engagement rings. And rightfully so. These trinkets of commitment are a representation of love crafted with precious metal and radiant stones.

Considered a tradition that originated in Rome to indicate a man's ownership of his wife, today, the engagement ring is a piece that represents the bond shared between two people before they say 'I Do'. But buying an engagement ring is not always easy.

Should you buy diamond engagement rings or should you choose other precious stones? If diamonds, should they be of emerald cut or princess? And the metal of the band, should it be yellow, rose or white gold. Or are you looking for the exclusiveness that Platinum offers? These are just a few of the questions that you should ask yourself whether you choose to surprise or team up with your lover to buy your engagement rings.

Considering how big an occasion your engagement is to you, here are our top tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Look For The Perfect Match

Our first tip is to find engagement rings for couples that resonate with you and your soon-to-be- fiance. It's not about following trends and choosing rings that everybody else likes. A popular piece is not necessarily the one that defines you. Diamond engagement rings are a favourite, but it might not be the same with you and your soon-to-be-fiance.

As a couple, you might have a preference for a particular design. Also, does she like wearing statement pieces or does she prefer a minimal ring? If you're looking to surprise her, watching what she currently wears will give you a clue to what she likes. And if you still can't figure it out, ask her so that you can make a perfect choice.

Decide On A Budget

Buying an engagement ring is a significant purchase. It would help if you considered how much you are willing to spend on the ring. We all live a particular lifestyle that comes with its share of expenses. Setting up a budget gives you an understanding of whether you already have the money to make the purchase or whether you should save money to buy your desired rings.

If you must save money for your engagement rings, then make a plan according to your budget for your purchase. At Candere, our Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) is a great way to buy diamond engagement rings by paying in EMI installments to make your purchase easy and feasible.

Choose Your Stone Cut and Metal

This part is a more technical aspect of a ring that'll give you insight into making the right choice. When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds are a clear favourite. But the same may not be the case in your lover's eyes. She might prefer a sapphire, an emerald or a ruby. Get to know your lover's taste in jewellery stones, especially if you plan to surprise her with a unique engagement ring.

The cut refers to how the diamond is cut for aesthetic appeal. The round-cut, princess-cut, cushion-cut and emerald-cut are popular diamond cuts used when crafting diamond engagement rings. Each of them is unique in its own way and play a significant role in how the diamond reflects light.

The final thing to consider is the metal of your engagement ring. Gold comes in three different colours; white, rose, and yellow. You'll have to think of which one is most appropriate and of your liking. Another metal option is that of Platinum. Platinum is a rare metal known as a symbol of true love, purity, and strength, making it desirable for many couples when choosing their engagement rings.

Know Your Ring Size

Knowing your ring size is perhaps the most important engagement ring buying advice we can give you. It is vital to know your ring size as well as that of your dearly beloved. If you don't know your ring size, you can easily find it with our online ring sizer at Candere. Knowledge of your ring size safeguards you from any problems that may arise after your purchase. Getting the perfect engagement ring is quite a big deal. Imagine choosing a design for you and your soon-to-be- fiance only to find out that it doesn't fit. Pretty, terrible, right?

Considering how difficult it's going to be to have the rings resized. If you plan on surprising your lover and don't know her ring size, then borrowing a ring she often wears on her ring finger is a great idea. You can use the same ring sizer at Candere to determine the size.

Personalise Your Engagement Ring

Personalising your engagement ring is a great way to make your ring special and meaningful. Engraving a romantic quote, a line from her favourite poem or lyrics of a favourite song are just some of the few ways to personalise your rings. You could also get a laser engraving of your handwriting to make it unique. If words are not your thing, then you can also choose numbers and symbols instead. You could engrave her birthdate or the date of your first meeting on the inside of the diamond ring design. As for symbols, you can get a heartbeat or anything else of significance engraved. Just remember to keep your inscriptions short and sweet as there is only so much space available on an engagement ring.

Your engagement ring is the promise of love and a symbol of your devotion and commitment. So when choosing one for you and your beloved, choose one that defines the love you share with your happily ever after.

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