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How to choose the right earrings for your Face Shape

last updated at September 18, 2023 | 3 min Read

Earrings are an important accessory that enhances the overall aesthetic of your look. With endless designs and style options, earrings are meant to elevate the features of the wearer. When worn correctly, they can be game changers! 

If you’re wondering what kind of earring would match the look you want to go for, you’re at the right place! As much as you want to try out each earring design, it’s essential to know that some earrings are going to look better on you than others. It’s important to pick a pair of earrings that complement your face. Your face shape determines the kind of style and design of earrings you should sport. Great choices come from a better understanding of what suits you best.

Here’s a list of all the different types of face shapes we usually see and the sort of earrings each one complements.

Droplet danglers for diamond face shape

It’s a well known fact that the shapes around a face impact the way a face looks and so, mapping shapes on faces is something we all do naturally! A diamond shaped face has defined cheekbones and a sharp jawline and trying on certain specific styles helps amp up the facial structure a lot.   

While you can sport dangly or droplet shaped earrings, make sure you avoid wearing anything that’s abnormally long because that’ll make your face look prolonged. Contemporary designs that are wider in size would work well with a diamond face.

Geometric earrings for heart face shape

For the face that’s ought to win hearts, earring shapes with broader bases are a must! The idea is to add more volume around your chin area to make it look more comprehensive. For instance, you can try out earrings in the shape of inverted hearts or triangles to make your look pop.

Sui Dhaga earrings for round face shape

For a face that’s round and dainty, long earrings like danglers, ear threads, shoulder dusters or chandeliers look flattering. You can also sport geometric designs that are longer in shape. The structure and placement of the designs give the face an alluring look. 

Jhumka earrings for oval face shape

Versatility is an oval face shape’s best friend! A person with an oval face can wear any design they please! Be it hoops, jhumkas, balis or sui dhadas, your beautiful face can rock it all! With that being said, make sure you avoid wearing earrings that are too long. It’s all about following the thumb rule to contrast the shape of your face with earrings! 

Large round earrings for narrow face shape

With a delicate face like yours, adding volume with rounded earrings does wonders! If you have a long or narrow face, Iarge earrings will widen the look of your face making it appear fuller. 

With changing fashion trends and styling choices there’s always more to choose from. Did we miss out on anything? Do let us know your face type in the comments below.

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