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How to style Thushi necklace this Ganesh Chaturthi

August 26, 2022 | 5 min Read

Ganesh Chaturthi is a much-awaited festival in Mumbai. If you're a Mumbaikar, you know exactly what I mean! We Mumbaikars look forward to it all; the laddoos, modaks, dhol-tasha, aarti, visarjan and the celebratoryganpati dance. But if you ask me what I love best about Ganesh Chaturthi, it's the dressing up for all the festivities.

And why not, right? Especially since we've missed out on getting all dressed up and going pandal hopping during last few years’ Ganesh Chaturthi. But this time, we have the opportunity to celebrate, of course with masks, and partake in the festive feels. And if we're going to have some fun, why not do it all by experimenting with our festive look for the entire 5 to 10 celebratory days!

But first, let's talk about jewellery because no festive season in India is complete without the sparkle of traditional jewellery gracing our wardrobe during times of celebration. One of my favourite jewellery collections that truly completes the Maharashtrian look is the Thushi collection. I just love the elegance and royalty that the Thushi pieces add to the overall festive look. And since the collection is not limited to necklaces only, you can add beautiful earrings, bangles and naths to your festive look!

The Marathmoli Navari

When you think Thushi and you don't incorporate the Navari look, then you're not doing it right! Being traditional Mahashtrian jewellery, Thushi is perfect for newlyweds celebrating their first Ganesh Chaturthi. And even if you're not a newlywed, you can still experiment and carry this look on the first day or Visarjan day. You can opt for a single Thushi collar necklace or try layering three. And to top off on this glamorous look, add some Thushi earrings and complete the look with a radiant Thushi Kada or a set of Thushi Bangles. You can also place a Chandrakor bindi on your forehead to compliment your look. And just like that, your Navari look is ready!

Dazzle with a Lehenga

If twirling lehengas is your thing like it's mine, then styling your lehenga with a Thushi Set instead of a Kundan necklace is a great way to glam up this Ganesh Chaturthi. It's a great new way that's a standout and shall surely elevate your look! Thushi designs are lightweight pieces making them more comfortable to wear than heavy jewellery. You can opt for a Thushi necklace set with a heavy design if wearing a simple lehenga. Although traditional and heavy, they'll perfectly balance your outfit.

A Mix & Match for the fashionistas

If you're like me and love experimenting with your style, then this look is perfect for you! All you have to do is pair your black-off shoulder blouse with a classic black skirt styled with a golden dupatta for that ethnic touch and a belt to cinch your waist. And how do you complete the look? Yes, you got it right! Thushi Jewellery as your statement piece! Perfect when pandal hopping, or when visiting your friend's place for darshan, this look is apt for giving you that traditional touch!

Thushi with a modern twist

This one is my favourite so far! Classic denim bell bottoms with a black off-shoulder blouse, Aah! I love the combination and I think you'll love it too! But since it's the festive season, let's add a celebratory twist. Instead of styling with a minimal layered necklace, just add a Thushi necklace with a layered mala. And to complete the look, style with a ponytail to show off that pretty pair of matching Thushi earrings!

Whether you love dressing up or dressing down, enjoying this festive season is what's most important. It's all about embracing your traditions and spending time with your family and friends. And when it comes to your wardrobe, you just have to be confident with whatever you wear!


Mehul Dung

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