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How Your Candere Jewellery Is Made

last updated at April 21, 2023 | 4 min Read

Love handcrafted jewellery but always wondered how your favourite jewellery is made? Whether you're interested in the making of a diamond ring or the process that goes into diamond necklace making, here’s a lowdown on the art of diamond jewellery design. So put your creative hats on as we dive deep into the making of diamond jewellery!

Handcrafting Your Jewellery Design

Inspiration is where the magic starts! Our team of highly creative jewellery designers look for inspiration for anything that catches their eye, be it nature, the newest style trends or even astronomy and constellations. Once inspiration strikes, it’s straight to the drawing board from thereon. Starting with 2D sketches, the design idea moves to a digital medium and a 3D CAD model is formed. 

Creating the wax model

This CAD prototype is now taken to the jewellery workshop. The jewellery craftsmen carve out a wax model of this prototype and that’s how the manufacturing of the design begins! Many-a-times, a “Wax Tree” is created which is simply the wax model of various designs created in a bunch so that it can easily be cast together. 

Moulding and casting

These wax models are dipped into a specific material and baked at a high temperature causing the wax to melt and create a hollow mould. This process is called moulding. Once the mould is created, the choice of metal is filled into this mould in liquid form. After the casting process is complete, the metal is extracted through a vacuuming process and the raw form of the design is created.

Mounting the stone

The gemstone or diamond for jewellery making is now set on the metal using specialised tools. The proportions of the gem in relation to the metal quantity are predetermined during the jewellery designing process and so this is entirely a mechanical process that requires utmost precision.

Fine polishing

Once everything from metal to gemstone is in place, the design goes through a set of polishing processes. One of these processes includes rhodium plating which is done to protect the metal from getting scratches and keep the metal colour bright and intact.


Each design made at Candere goes through a plethora of quality checks before it is certified by specialised certifiers like Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories (SGL), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS HALLMARK), International Gemological Institute (IGI), Cambay Gemmological Lab (CGL) & Platinum Guild International (PGI).


Packaging is essential and we make sure to pack each design with pure precision. The Candere package you receive is a joy to unbox! From jewellery care tips, diamond quality certificate and ring-sizer kit, to the precious jewel handcrafted to delight you, unbox love with Candere! 

Every piece of jewellery at Candere is made-to-order and handcrafted as per your liking and preferences. Have a unique jewellery design in mind? Learn more about our bespoke diamond jewellery service! 


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