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Motherhood-A Journey Like No Other

last updated at July 16, 2022 | 2 min Read

Gazing at the world with her beautiful eyes; innocence spilling out with her smile. She spreads positivity; she is art who redefines humanity. She is one of the innumerable ladies in this world, a great homemaker. Yes, I am talking about the mother in each family.


A title that transforms the most ordinary woman into something extraordinary. The unprecedented ladies who battle a lifetime of duty and obligation to do their best when they are in their mom’s cloak... Sleeping at 2:00 am to waking up at 6:00 am in the morning to taking breakfast at 12:00 pm and performing the daily chores mothers do it all uncomplainingly.


To all the moms who have been awake the entire night with their little children in their arms, continually saying those sympathetic words, "It's OK, Mom’s here." She is a real-life superhero. Her journey is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain. Sometimes I wonder how she manages to shower this endless, unselfish and enduring love? Even after a long, exhausting day, she manages to read stories in bed and then fall asleep on those damp sheets. Unlike others at home, her Sundays are not spent relaxing in the living room all by herself. She teaches, she nurses and she counsels.

Nothing Less than a SuperHero


She protects you seemingly from the harmful evil in the world and keeps the family together. Yet, all she asks for is love and not an apology. She is emotional yet the rock. She is undoubtedly, the ‘family-man’; always worried but still full of hope. Her inexhaustible love makes her the most beautiful person on this planet, mom. A woman much admired. 


Motherhood is far beyond defining. It defies all explanations. It is a supernatural occurrence which a man can't comprehend and another wonderful proof of God's delicate controlling hand. She deals with the kids, manages the home. She connects the family, brings up the kids, encourages their esteems and teaches the way of life. Moms are interesting creatures. It's about time we concede the things they do out of adoration for their kids.


Those proverbs we heard of when we were little stating “God can’t be everywhere so he created mom”. Unaware of its literal meaning all we knew was that when we were happy we called out her name in that joyous tone. When we were hurt, we shouted out her name in that painful tone. It was clear that those quotes, those proverbs written for mothers hold such precious, beautiful meaning because her love is unimaginable. To all the mothers out there you are so beautiful and lively and here we express it to you precisely.



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