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Starlet Collection - A Teenage Jewellery Must-Have

last updated at July 16, 2022 | 3 min Read

Being a teenager is all about having fun! This time of your life is supposed to be for experimenting and discovering new things that you might like, especially in terms of fashion. And why not? The look you choose is how you can make a statement. But how do you make a lasting impression?

Don’t worry; we have something just right for you! Introducing our first teen collection for the debutantes and budding new stars of tomorrow - The Starlet Collection!

Here are some must-have pieces that should be a part of your jewellery collection during your fun and lively teenage years!


Whether heading out for a formal affair with family or a casual evening with your friends, styling with these necklaces from our starlet collection will always make you stand out. Crafted with just the right amount of class and modernity, its gleaming sparkles are sure to make you look spectacular!


Are you looking for something that can be worn anywhere and everywhere and still make a statement? Then this charming bracelet is the perfect piece for you. Be it a coffee date with your bestie or a night out with your gang, bracelets from our Starlet collections are pretty versatile.

Charms and Pendants:

As a teenager, your jewellery collection can’t be complete without your favourite charms and pendants. Chic, dainty, and minimal, these lovely trinkets can be an extension of your personality! You can never go overboard with these pieces, and that’s why they make a teen must-have.


Earrings are great to elevate your look! And if you pair the right earrings with the right outfit, girl, your look is complete, and you are sure to have all eyes on you! Earrings from the Starlet collection are made keeping in mind the very same thing; they are chic, classy and still make a statement. They go perfectly well with your casual and formal wear, and that's why you must get yourself a pair.

However beautiful or charming a piece might be, if not styled in the right way, it can still not look good on you! And that’s why here are some styling tips that will make you look your best.

Get those layers going

Layering jewellery is an art! When perfected, it can lead to some serious diva moments! All you need to do is take your neckpieces and layer them according to their length. Don't be afraid to explore the same with stacking rings and bracelets. The more, the merrier! When layering or stacking, make sure you keep that balance and don’t let your jewellery overpower your personality.

Team up with your desi look

Don’t underestimate our Starlet collection; these pieces not only go well with your western wear but also look amazing with that desi kudi look! If you don’t want to go for that heavy Indian jewellery, why not wear something lightweight that compliments your outfit. The starlet necklaces and bracelets will go well with your salwar kameez, especially if you wear a tiny bindi.

Less is always more!

If you are into fashion, you know the golden rule: Less is always more! Going minimal on your make-up and keeping it subtle with a hint of highlighter and blush will complement the pretty diamonds you wear, make your look more complete & ensure everything goes well together.

Determine your style and wear it with confidence!

When picking a piece of jewellery, determine your style and then choose a piece that truly defines you. Your style is unique. Choose a piece that resonates with you, and feel confident about. Once you have that piece you can call your own, flaunt it, girl, because why not!

As a teenager, it's all about discovering new things and being yourself. Despite what you wear, if you are not comfortable and confident about it, the piece won’t compliment you no matter how beautiful it is! With our Starlet collection, we want you to have a trendy piece and a piece that you can own.

Come find your spark with our Starlet collection and click below to shop the trendy pieces!

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