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What does diamond accent mean in jewellery?

last updated at July 8, 2022 | 3 min Read

Are you planning to add another beautiful piece of jewellery to your jewellery stash? Great, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to enrich your diamond jewellery knowledge with a special setting that you can use to increase your knowledge base and reduce the budget of your jewellery.

You must have come across the terms ‘accent diamond’ or ‘diamond accents’ while looking at solitaire rings. Diamond accents are not just a part of your jewellery but also plays a vital role in keeping a strict eye on your budget.

What are diamond accents?

Diamond accents are small diamonds that are placed surrounding a big diamond (solitaire) so that it enhances the overall look of the jewellery. These diamonds accentuate the look of the jewellery without increasing your budget.

Note: Accents enhance the jewellery’s look both with diamonds and design.

Now that you know what they are let’s check out the different types of diamond accents:

Baguette Accent Diamonds

Baguette shaped accent diamonds are quite in-demand because of their large table size and symmetry. The baguette-shaped diamonds do not sparkle as much as small round and trillion cut accents, hence, they’re the perfect accent to enhance your centre stone and not overwhelm it. Tapered baguettes are rectangular in shape with one side smaller than the other. They are usually the most preferred shape that compliments literally any solitaire centre-piece. 

For all the baguette lovers, there’s another variant for you – Straight baguettes. These have a perfectly symmetrical look and are often used to complement Round brilliant, Marquise and Asscher cut diamonds.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion cut diamonds are essentially triangular-shaped diamonds that has gained popularity for being the perfect accent diamond and brilliance. They add so much to the centre stone and fits perfectly on the shank of a ring too. Trillion cut diamonds are also used as side stones for three-stone rings because the table of the stone is much bigger than others. This allows buyers to go for side stones with lesser weight yet look the same.

Small Round Diamonds

Let’s talk about classics! Round diamonds have such a versatile nature that it goes with any cut. Round diamonds also make a great choice as accent diamonds since they can be set in pave setting, bezel setting, etc. No matter which diamond setting you’re planning to use, small round diamonds always brings something to the table.

Small round diamonds can be divided into three categories based on their weight – Stars (up to 0.02 Carat), Full Cuts (0.02-0.07 Carat) and Melee (0.08-0.18 Carat). 

How To Choose Your Diamond Accents?

While choosing your diamond accent, we have some interesting trick up our sleeve to help you make a smart purchase. 

While selecting the colour of your accent diamonds, you can go choose up to two grades lower i.e. if your centre solitaire is G colour, your accent diamonds can be H or I colour. It is difficult to tell the colours apart with the naked eye; hence, it’s wise to go for the lower grade.

In terms of clarity, you can also go for the lower grades (i.e. SI1, SI2, etc.) since it’s difficult to spot the inclusions in small diamonds that are set in the ring. The weight range of accent diamonds ranges from 0.01 – 0.20 carats only. Make sure that the accent diamonds add to the look of your jewellery and not overpower it.

That’s all about accent diamonds, their various types and how you can save a couple of bucks on the go. If you have any queries, please shoot them in the comments below.



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