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With Double Gold Rate Protection #FaidaFixHai

last updated at December 8, 2023 | 5 min Read

Ever wondered if you could buy gold without worrying about the fluctuating gold rates? As the gold rates keep changing, it can be a hit and miss situation when you think of purchasing gold jewellery. Has this happened to you too? The day you think of buying gold, the rates are low, but when you go to buy gold after a week, the prices have suddenly hiked up.

We at Candere know precisely how much of a concern it can be for you. And to save you from the hustle and keeping our customers' needs in mind, we have introduced a gold & diamond instalment plan - DGRP that protects your purchase and, most importantly, covers you from the fluctuating gold rate that might hamper your purchase.

What does DGRP stand for?

DGRP stands for Double Gold Rate Protection. The DGRP plan allows you - the buyer, to book your jewellery online at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers as per the day's gold rate and pay the same over the tenure of the next two to six months according to the gold instalment plan you select. Still not clear? Meaning, if the gold rates go up, your purchase won't be affected as you book the jewellery on the current day price without worrying about its future hike! But if the gold rates go down, you get the product at revised rates and can pre-close the instalment if you want!

How does DGRP benefit you?

If you buy gold or diamond via our DGRP plan, you just don't get the benefit of saving yourself from the fluctuating gold rates and paying on an instalment basis, but there is more to it.

You book at 10% advance only!:

Once you have decided what to purchase from the Candere by Kalyan Jewellers website, you can book the jewellery at only 10% of your cart value with DGRP. Great right! Apart from this, you also get to choose a repayment tenure for gold products - 2 to 3 months and diamond products - 2 to 12 months.

Pay ZERO interest rates:

What's best about this EMI plan? You don't have to pay any interest on the jewellery you buy with the Double Gold Rate Protection plan. We want you to have the jewellery piece at a price displayed at the time of purchase itself and don't want you to pay any extra.

Consistent Rates:

When you book your jewellery using DGRP, you avail yourself of the opportunity to sit back and relax if the gold rates shoot up. And, if the rate drops, then you can avail jewellery at the updated rate. Such a plan gives you that ease of purchase by keeping the rates consistent!

Convenient Payment Options:

With Candere's Double Gold Rate Protection, you can make your payment anytime within 31 days from the date of your last payment. All you have to do is log into your Candere account and make the payment at your convenience! And while instalments are synonymous with interest, such is not the case at Candere! With DGRP, you are devoid of any interest rate irrespective of how you choose to pay. Also, there is no documentation or processing fee to hold you back from ordering your favourite jewellery when you see it!

No processing fee:

There is no processing fee applicable when you shop using the DGRP plan. As mentioned earlier, we want you to benefit the most, and so we want to offer the best price to our customers when shopping for Candere products.

No documentation or identity proof is needed:

Wait, there is one more! The EMI and instalment processes usually require documentation which is completely eliminated when you purchase through DRGP. You don't have to submit any identification proofs when you avail the Double Gold Rate Protection Plan.

So Why choose the DGRP instalment scheme?

It's secure, convenient, protects you from fluctuating gold rates and is perfect for planned gifts & shopping for occasions!

Loved the DGRP plan? Then what are you waiting for? Log in to the Candere by Kalyan Jewellers website now and avail of DGRP on your next purchase!

Happy Shopping!


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