Shoes you need for the Festive Season

September 28, 2019
Shoes you need for the Festive Season

Shoes are an integral part of dressing up. Even though they are the last thing someone notices about you, they matter the most when we think about comfort. A comfortable pair of shoes can make your overall appearance go from drab to fab!

There are many types of shoes out there and it can be very overwhelming and time consuming to boil it down to a handful of options that you can keep with yourself.


Stilettoes for women

The most stylish type of shoe in your wardrobe by far is probably stilettoes. These pencil heels add so much oomph to your outfit that it can make you go from drab to fab immediately. These are definitely occasional wear shoes. When talking of pencil heels, you can choose from a variety of options like Peeptoes, Ankle Strap, Mary Jane, etc.

Kitten HeelsKitten heels for women

Heels add so much to a woman’s posture but wearing high heels every day is not a good idea. Swap your stilettoes with kitten heels and you are good to go. They add the same poise and grace to your appearance in much lesser discomfort. Besides, they are great for office or work wear purposes.

WedgesWedges for women

Wedges have been making wearing heels a smooth experience since forever. The broad heel makes sure your knees don’t feel the load of your body weight. Wedges are a great option for those who love to wear heels but want it absolutely comfortable too. Wedges are a fun accessory, no wonder you will find a pair in every girl’s wardrobe.

GumshoesGum Shoes for women

A nice pair of gumshoes give such a warm and comfy feeling on a chilly day or when the tomboy in you kicks in. Sneakers are one fun accessory that will go with anything you wish – jeans, capris, denim skirts, maxi dress, etc. Get a snowy white coloured pair if you wish or a black one that goes with all.

Sandalssandals for women

A girly pair of flat sandals go a long way. Don’t they? It’s always to have a pair of flats in your shoedrobe for days when heels don’t really agree with you. Throw them on a midi skirt, gown, or shorts. They are super comfortable and come in a variety of designs like flip flops, gladiators, etc. You can also buy a decorated one with frills or a cute bow.

It’s difficult to select a favourite one but which one of the above-mentioned options appeals the most to you in comments below.

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