Sparkle your Dream – Accessorising the modern Indian bride

July 18, 2019

Congratulations!!! So, your wedding date has been announced, and you’re all set to make the day perfect and memorable! Indian bridal look is famous world over for their extraordinarily designed draperies and accessories! Make sure you live up to the tradition and make your bridal look unique and enchanting.

Here, we have a post that will guide you in selecting the right accessories and jewellery for your wedding. Whether you wish to keep it plain and simple or go bold and vibrant, the right kind of accessories makes the bride all the more gorgeous!

  1. Enhance the overall look with a maang tikka!

Maang Tikka is an integral part of any Indian bride’s accessories! In many of the traditions, it’s even mandatory to wear it. Choose a maang tikka according to your forehead, if you have a broad forehead go for a heavier maang tikka. You may also opt for a lighter Matha Patti if you are not comfortable with the heavier ones.

  1. Pretty bridal hair accessories!

We know girls are crazy about their bridal hairstyles, but these cute and elegant hair accessories would surely enhance the beauty of your hairstyle! Whether you plan to braid your hair or a tie a sleek bun, you can go for gold and stone studded hair accessories to match the hairstyle. Christian brides may opt for pearl and stone studded hair accessories or a tiara to go with their attire!

  1. Dearer to all the brides – Armlets/Baajuband!

We all would have seen at least one historical era movie in which the princess wears a beautiful armlet matching with her attire! Come on; it’s your wedding it’s reasonable to go a bit overboard with the accessories too. Pretty gold and stone studded armlet would simply look royal with your attire.

  1. Adorn a trendy waistband to sashay in style!

A modern Indian bridal look is never complete if you do not wear a Kamar band or waistband. Go for a simple gold and stone studded chain waistband if you don’t want it to be flashy. A waistband would beautifully accentuate your waistline and make you look perfect!

  1. Enhance your fashion statement with these statement rings!

We know your hands are beautiful but adorning a super-size statement ring would look all the more stylish and vogue! Expect some raising of the eyebrow, an awe-inspired ‘o’ coupled with a knowing smile from your better half when you place your hands on top of his for the vows!

  1. Comfortable and stylish heels!

We often forget the footwear while we are busy shopping for accessories and jewellery. If your partner is much taller than you, then go for high heels so that you match up to his height! If you are of the same height, then you may opt for wedges or flats accordingly. Make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable as you will have to stand for a long time during the wedding.

Modern big fat Indian weddings are more festive in nature with all the bling-bling and glitter! So, why not accessorise in style to add on to the sparkle?

Featured Image Source: Shaadi Wish

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