5 Ways to Style your Lehenga this Ganesh Chaturthi

September 18, 2018
5 Ways to Style your Lehenga this Ganesh Chaturthi

Vinayaka Chavithi is the festival of joy and colour. It is a major festival that is celebrated for 10 days and devotees indulge in the festivities through songs, dance and food. The festival is here again with huge pandals being set up to make way for beautiful idols.

The festival marks 9 to 10 days of celebrations where people get together to sing, dance and socialise. It involves a lot of fun and food and calls for dressing up in the finest attire to look ravishing on all days. Lehengas are the most popular outfit options during the festival and the reason? Well, they combine tradition and comfort in the most stylish way.

Are you planning to rock a lehenga this Vinayaka Chavithi? Here are some great ways to style your lehenga and look like a diva –

  1. Go pastel

Go pastel this Ganesh Chaturthi

Image Credits: Wedmegood

A lehenga is a great addition for your festive styling but create a unique impression by opting for pastel colours like mint greens or lavenders or powder blues. These are the colours of the season and they give you the opportunity to make a trending statement this Vinayaka Chavithi.

  1. Yeah for skin toned blouses


Skin toned blouses this ganesh chaturthi

Image Credits: Wedandbeyond

Say lehengas and the first thing that comes into minds are the matchy-contrast coloured blouses. But why go the conventional way when you can pick skin tones? They are trendy and fresh and also give you a lot of scope to be creative. You can show off your toned silhouette with nude or sheer pastels or create net patterns to make an amazing style statement during Vinayaka Chavithi.

  1. Shout out for ruffle drama


Shoutout for Ruffle Drama this Ganesh Chaturthi

Image Credits: Wedmegood

Ruffles have taken over the fashion shelves and designers are trying to include them everywhere – on sleeves, on the ghera and even on saree pallus! And we are guilty of adoring the dramatic trend. Think quick and embrace the ruffle trend to add drama to your festive styling.

  1. Cape the town

Cape the town this Ganesh Chaturthi

Image Credits: MakeupMartini


We have all wrapped a towel around our necks pretending to be queens or superheroes walking around with capes! Little did we know that our playful antiques would be a huge style statement someday… so here is your chance to jazz up your outfit by embracing the trend. The only thing to consider when trying adding a cape to your lehenga is to keep it simple and in-sync with your lehenga.

  1. I do the drape

Drape this ganesh chaturthi

Image Credits: Zowed

You could elevate the traditional lehenga look by trying to drape your dupatta. It is the best way to give a new, fresh and creative look to an old outfit.

There are so many different things you can do with your lehenga but the most important way to enhance the look is to opt for the perfect jewellery that will nudge and uplift your styling. Add a little sparkle to your Vinayaka Chavithi styling by going for a good diamond necklace or earrings to complement the look.

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  • bigbindi October 1, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    I will going to try these styles on diwali ! Thanks for sharing