5 Ways To Surprise Your Sister On Her Wedding

September 5, 2018
Ways To Surprise Your Sister On Her Wedding

Is your sister getting married? Well, congratulations the room is yours now 😛 The very news of your sister getting married is huge and planning all the functions, handling the guests, taking care of the entertainment and the clothes of course… so many things to take care off. We understand that it is a big deal and it is quite obvious for you to be more excited than the bride!

With all this going on, you may have forgotten the one duty as the bride’s sister – to make your sister feel special before she starts her new journey. The best way to do so is to plan a surprise and if you are confused on what to do and how to do, here are some ideas –

#Surprise: A day at the Spa

a day at spa

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Your sister would be tired of planning, preparing and shopping before the D-day and we know how brides-to-be need some quality time to relax put themselves together. Book special spa therapy for your sister! What can be more relaxing than a day at the spa? The session will not only relieve the stress but it will also help her rejuvenate. Make it even more special by making reservations for couple spa for your ‘dee and jij’. Isn’t it a great surprise?

#Surprise: Something from the Family

Surprise from the family

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Weddings can be both difficult as well as wonderful for parents. It is difficult for them to let go of their little ones to start their family of their own. At the same time, they also feel proud seeing their kids all grown-up. Surprise your sister with the treasure of memories before she goes on to start her new life! The surprise can include a memorable letter, video or a picture book capturing the memories and blessings of the family members. You can also arrange for a get-together with your close family and friends. We can assure that your sister will love it.

#Surprise: Go on a sisters’ date to relive childhood memories


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Take your sister down the memory line by having a sister’s day and do all the silly things that you did as children. You can go play in the park or have a pani-puri competition. You could visit your school and teachers or surprise her with her favourite candies. You may also add to the surprise by asking her childhood friends to meet her at a certain spot. Go to a zoo park or gift her a Barbie doll. What can be the best gift than a surprise visit to one’s precious childhood?

#Surprise: Bachelorette trip


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Isn’t it a great idea to plan a bachelorette trip for your sister? An exciting trip where you can do all the mischief you want with your first friend and the best roommate? Make it more exciting by planning a surprise to her favourite location. You can make it more enjoyable by asking her friends or cousins to accompany you. See to it that the trip is well-planned and you don’t face any issues during the trip. Plan the trip according to her taste and likes. For instance, if your sister likes adventures, plan a trekking trip. If your sister likes water-sports then you might consider escaping to a beach location.

#Surprise: A surprise visit to her favourite designer


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Brides-to-be are very particular about their clothes. They usually plan their weddings depending on the occasion and they start the plans months in advance. One thing that a bride-to-be wishes for is a curated outfit from her favourite designer. So a brilliant surprise idea is to take her to her favourite designer. It would be a trip that she would love and if you are high on budget, you may also ask the groom to join you and get a matching outfit for the couple.

#Surprise: Jewellery


Shaaadis and jewellery go hand in hand and the brides are usually dolled up like goddesses from head to toe. So buying her favourite jewellery would be a great surprise to your sister. There is a wide choice from finger rings to bracelets to earrings that you could choose from. You can order bridal jewellery from an online store and wait for it to be delivered straight into the hands of the bride. How cool it would be to see the jewellery bring a glow on her face.

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Sister getting married is very exciting and we also understand the excitement, but it is also a huge responsibility. Handling the bride and the whole family during the time of celebration to fulfilling her dreams with a grand surprise, it is on you to handle everything and it is possible if you start planning well in advance.

Surprising your sister with jewellery would be a great idea especially when are well aware of her likes and dislikes. Candere – A Kalyan Jewellers Initiative – provides you with some novel jewellery picks to suit your budget. Browse Candere for more ideas.

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