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Bridal Jewellery: Your Guide to the Perfect Jewellery for Your Perfect Day

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Gold Chains

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. As the bride, you want it to be perfect, and beautiful. You’ve probably put a lot of work into organising it and selecting every little detail. You might have already chosen your wedding outfit, or you could still be looking. You might have decided that you want traditional Indian jewellery for your bridal look. If you have chosen the outfit already, then you’re looking for jewellery to work with it. If you haven’t then you could find an outfit to work with your jewellery. Either way, you want your bridal jewellery to be as perfect as every other part of your day. This guide can help you choose the jewellery to complete your wedding day look, and make you look like the most beautiful bride in the world.

1. The Hair Diamond Rings

Hair jewellery has always been a popular Indian jewellery design, but it has become very popular in the bridal industry as a whole. If You’re choosing your traditional hair jewellery, you have so many options.

Maang Tikka

The Maang Tikka is pinned to your hair, and the ornament rests on the forehead, just over the sixth chakra. There are so many styles, designs, and colors available that you can choose one that is heavy, ornate and with lots of detail, or a more delicate one with precious stones. The Maang Tikka is beautiful on its own, but added to the overall wedding look, it brings grace, charm, glamour and class.

Matha Patti

A Matha Patti is a beautiful headpiece which follows the hairline along the forehead. There are also many styles, designs and colors available, but the important thing to remember when choosing one is that not only does it need to work with the outfit as a whole, but it needs to complement the shape of your face as well.

If your face is oval, then the world is your oyster. You can choose any style of matha patti, and it will work with your face. If you have an oblong face, then choose a wide matha patti to add width. If your face is round, then choose a thin, delicate Matha Patti with no intricate detailing. Brides with round faces should also avoid a side, or half Matha Patti as this can accentuate the roundness of the face, when you need to give the impression of length. If you have a more square face shape, then the half, or side Matha Patti is perfect to soften the angles of your face. If your face is rectangle, then try to avoid a middle parting hair style, and choose a Matha Patti with a large ornament that rests on the forehead. This makes your face appear more oval. If your face is heart shaped, then look for a Matha Patti with multiple layers. The side layers and details of this style will help to open your face up, and showcase your jawline.

Jhoomar Tikka

The Jhoomar tikka hangs on the side of the hair, rather than on the forehead. You can find one to complement the color and style of your wedding outfit. This style is particularly effective and stunning if you have a square shaped face.

2. The Face and Ears Wedding Rings

The upcoming trends for traditional wedding jewellery is to keep it light and subtle. This can add a huge amount of elegance and class to your wedding look. For the face,you could choose a diamond nose stud, or a nose ring attached to the ears with a delicate chain.


Jhumkas will never go off trend, and will always look incredible with your wedding outfit. Always choose a pair that will suit the length of your neck, and don’t pair them with elaborate necklaces. You can find any color and style of Jhumkas, but gold earrings look amazing with darker skin tones, silver suits fair skin, and rose gold is beautiful with medium to olive tones. They can be heavy so either wear them during the day, or at night, but not both.

Chaand Balis

Chaand Balis are becoming very popular. They have a modern look, but are still traditional jewellery. The modern moon shape can give you extra elegance and glamour. You can find them in so many colors, and styles. Look for base metals that suit your skin tones, and colors to complement your wedding outfit. You can try diamonds here, as diamond earrings will never go off trend.

3. The Neck Couple Rings

What you wear on your neck can affect the overall wedding look. If you choose Jhumkas, try a slender choker with colors and stones to compliment your wedding look.You could also look for a gold pendant, which will look amazing against darker skin tones. You could try a diamond pendant, which is a classic look for a reason. You could wear a pendant on a delicate gold chain, which will make the pendant the focal point. If you have chosen a more subtle accessory for your ears, then you can select a statement necklace. If you want to go for a statement necklace then look for a multi-layered piece, which will look beautiful with your wedding outfit, and remain on trend. Gold necklace designs really suit darker skin tones, and a diamond necklace is a timeless classic.

Another big trend for the coming year is Kundan jewellery. It’s becoming very popular, and is often seen in Bollywood movies, and on celebrities.

4. The Hands

If chooda is part of your wedding, then it will take care of a lot of the hand accessories. Although, you can still add plenty of your own accessories and personality.

You can add plenty of bangles, or choose a bracelet that matches your wedding outfit. If you want to add more bangles, try looking for gold bangles if you have darker skin tones, and silver bangles if you have lighter skin tones. If you want a bit more sparkle, try some diamond bangles. You could try a big gold and diamond bracelet, or Kadas. Whichever way you want to go with your hand jewellery, avoid delicate pieces, as they will get lost in the wedding outfit as a whole. Look for pieces that can stand out in the outfit while still adding elegance and class to it.


A haathpool is an ornament that sits on the back of your hand, and is attached to a bangle, with chains and can be attached with rings as well. They can be heavy, and ornate, or more delicate. There is a wide range of designs and materials, so you can find one to suit your wedding outfit. You can wear one on each hand to complete the look.


You could have already chosen your wedding ring, or maybe you’ve found a matching pair of couples rings. As an addition to your wedding, and engagement rings, this year’s trend is going to be for large, oversized, statement rings. You could choose a large statement cocktail ring to complete your look, or a large ring with extra details, like one that connects with chains to another ring on your finger. You might like to try an oversized gold ring, if you have chosen a gold wedding ring. Or maybe a solitaire ring is right for your look. Diamonds are always a great accessory, so you could never go wrong with a diamond ring.

5. The Feet

You should never overlook your feet when you’re looking for your wedding jewellery. You can find toe rings to suit your wedding outfit. You could choose to have a few more delicate rings on both feet, or find large statement toe rings, and wear one on each foot. Team your toe rings with a payal. You will have a wide range of choice when you’re looking for your anklets, so look for ones that not only suit your wedding outfit, but that go well with your other wedding jewellery.

6. Added Extras

There are some other added extra touches that can maximise the effect of your wedding outfit.

Make up

Your make up should be done to work with your skin tone and eye color. You need to choose your make up artist carefully, and make sure that they understand exactly what it is you are looking for. You should have at least one trial with your make up artist, so you can be sure that they understand your needs, and how best to bring out your features. You should either bring pictures of your jewellery and outfit, or bring the pieces with you, so that you can explain how your want your make up to work with your accessories.

Hair Styling

Your hair style for the day will either work with your wedding jewellery or against it. If you have chosen a beautiful pair of jhumkas, or a stunning pair of chaandi balis, then experiment with an upstyle that will sweep the hair up, and away from your neck. This can help the jhumkas elongate your neck. If you decided to go for a multi-layered statement necklace, then make sure your hair style allows the necklace to be shown off to its best advantage.


If you have a wide forehead, and you’ve chosen a subtle headpiece, then you could chose a bindi to complete your wedding look.


If your wedding outfit accentuates your waist and curves then you could accessorise with a kamarband. There’s so much choice, so you will be able to find a color and style that compliments your outfit. If you are going for a more modern wedding look while keeping the traditional styles in mind, then try looking for a pearl kamarband, or one with precious stones that will suit your outfit color. Or you could look for a Kundan kamarband, which will really pop against your wedding outfit.

The Groom

Your wedding day is your day, but it’s your groom’s day as well. He might want to add to his outfit with a special gold chain for men. He might want to choose a gold ring, or a diamond ring as his wedding ring, or as an accessory. It’s important to remember that you won’t be the only one trying to find the perfect wedding day look.

When you’re looking for your wedding jewellery to go with your outfit, keep the details of the outfit in mind. Look for pieces that will work with the color and embellishments on the outfit, so that it all comes together to make you look elegant, glamorous and beautiful on you wedding day. Always look for pieces that suit you. Look for head pieces that suit the shape of your face, jhumkas that suit the length of your neck, and necklaces that work not only with your body, but with the other pieces you have chosen as well. Other than that, as there is so much choice in terms of color, base metals, stones, styles and design, the rest is up to your personal preferences. If your outfit can carry it, try antique jewellery. And, gold jewellery, and diamond jewellery are always going to be on trend. Whatever you choose, this is your wedding day, so your wedding jewellery should look how you want it to.

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