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    Kamya Diamond Ring Kamya Diamond Ring
    ₹17,517.00 ₹23,356.00

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    Eethi Diamond Bracelet Eethi Diamond Bracelet
    ₹49,195.00 ₹59,108.00

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    Harini Diamond Pendant Harini Diamond Pendant
    ₹40,423.00 ₹45,182.00

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    Forum Diamond Ring Forum Diamond Ring
    ₹28,276.00 ₹31,948.00

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    Falak Diamond Pendant Falak Diamond Pendant
    ₹41,956.00 ₹46,239.00

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    Dipta Diamond Bracelet Dipta Diamond Bracelet
    ₹46,590.00 ₹55,246.00

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    Veda Shine Diamond Ring Veda Shine Diamond Ring
    ₹21,217.00 ₹25,454.00

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    Moksha Diamond Necklace Moksha Diamond Necklace
    ₹95,698.00 ₹114,609.00

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    Mishti Diamond Necklace Mishti Diamond Necklace
    ₹69,797.00 ₹84,159.00

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    Flora Diamond Necklace Flora Diamond Necklace
    ₹59,759.00 ₹70,537.00

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    Flowy Sparkle Diamond Pendant Flowy Sparkle Diamond Pendant
    ₹28,573.00 ₹32,198.00

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    Flowy Sparkle Diamond Bracelet Flowy Sparkle Diamond Bracelet
    ₹25,480.00 ₹28,859.00

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    Ijaya Diamond Pendant Ijaya Diamond Pendant
    ₹31,399.00 ₹35,999.00

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    Omya Diamond Earrings Omya Diamond Earrings
    ₹39,465.00 ₹45,629.00

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    Kaya Diamond Earrings Kaya Diamond Earrings
    ₹40,260.00 ₹47,035.00

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    Netra Diamond Ring Netra Diamond Ring
    ₹22,839.00 ₹27,258.00

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Chafa Jewellery Collection - The Eternal Beauty

The Chafa has been a symbol of immortality across many religions due to the plant being able to blossom beautiful and graceful flowers even after being uprooted. Taking Inspiration from the Graceful Flower, the Chafa collection celebrates eternal beauty and charm.

The collection is designed to add elegance to your everyday life. The Jewellery also serves as an excellent gift when appreciating someone close to you. The collection features Fine Gold & Diamond Jewellery embellished with Pink, White and Yellow Enamel work to depict the charm and grace of the Chafa. 

Chafa Necklaces

The Chafa Collection features stunning Diamond & Gold Necklaces. These minimal and elegant designs are very versatile and easy to style with all your casual and ethnic looks. Wear these stylish Necklaces as statement pieces and ensure that all eyes are on you. Style from Budding, Half-Bloomed or Full-Bloomed Flower Necklaces that feature a Gold Chain Base with a Charming Chafa Pendant showcasing Yellow, White or Pink Enamel works embellished with a Dash of Diamonds for elegance.

Chafa Earrings

If you’re into Floral Jewellery, the Chafa collection is right up your alley. These charming and eye-catching designs are an amazing choice as they’re easy to style and very versatile. Indulge in glamour, up your style quotient and highlight your everyday beauty with these adorable earrings.

The Earrings feature a Gold base with Enamels works showcasing the Gorgeous Flower embellished with Diamonds. You can customize the Metal colours and choose from Budding, Half-Bloom and Full Bloom Flowers to adorn yourself with.

Chafa Rings

The Chafa Collection features an interesting range of Gold & Diamond Rings. The Rings Showcase a Gold Base with Vibrant Enamel Work bejewelled with Dazzling Diamonds to help you stand out. Celebrate the beauty you see daily by treating yourself or appreciating your closed ones with these. Choose your statement piece, Budding, Half-Bloom or Full Bloom?

Chafa Pendants 

The Chic Chafa Pendants are the New Obsession. Flaunt your Ethnic and Casual Looks with these Gold Based Pendants showcasing Enamel-worked Chafa studded with Dreamy Diamonds. These Contemporary pendants are sure to add a natural and calming touch to your looks!