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Floral Jewellery

Stunning Gerbera Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 27,847 Rs. 23,670

Style No C014643

Summer Blush Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 22,355 Rs. 19,002

Style No C014603

Rosy Tinted Buds Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 22,526 Rs. 19,147

Style No C014639

Blooming Gardenia Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 20,416 Rs. 17,354

Style No C011748

Flowers of Desire Diamond Earrings

Rs. 24,086 Rs. 20,473

Style No C014615

Floral wrap Diamond Earrings

Rs. 18,048 Rs. 15,341

Style No C014633

Bewitching Begonia Diamond Earrings

Rs. 19,606 Rs. 16,665

Style No C014621

Crazy Camilla Diamond Earrings

Rs. 22,526 Rs. 19,147

Style No C014611

Dainty Daffodils Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 27,844 Rs. 23,667

Style No C014659

Calyxo Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 32,004 Rs. 27,203

Style No C014653

Stunning Gerbera Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 24,044 Rs. 20,437

Style No C014645

Brilliant Darlene Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 24,326 Rs. 20,677

Style No C014678

Goldburst Diamond Earrings

Rs. 34,625 Rs. 29,431

Style No C014635

Radiant Rosalie Diamond Earrings

Rs. 20,455 Rs. 17,387

Style No C014629

Stunning Gerbera Diamond Earrings

Rs. 24,380 Rs. 20,723

Style No C014627

Calyxo Diamond Earrings

Rs. 27,004 Rs. 22,953

Style No C014625

Floral Jewellery Designs

Blooming one petal at a time, the inflorescence of the Chrysanthemum is an unhinged natural beauty, which we have only just tried to capture in this ‘Fleur Edition’. Every flower grows and matures, unaware of her magnetic charm: This collection is an eclectic compilation of every such girl, who would find herself in one such piece that she can call her own.

Floral Gold Jewellery

“There is something about the beauty of flowers that makes us humane, without the warmth of flowers; we would be living in concrete” - The Cherry Blossom; another inspiration sought in the formation of the floral collection, is not just a flower, but the endurance it stands for, being so delicate and fragile and yet, it lasts forever in the hearts of those who have witnessed its true beauty.

Floral Earrings

Flowers continue to be an inspiration to every designer of every genre. This year we take you on a romantic journey of a woman and her love for jewellery. Fickle front-back earrings and confident cocktail rings, ornamented with envious green gemstones, and bold black rhodium with splash of pink gold merged with white and yellow, speak volumes for these not-so-conventional designs and of course, its wearer.


So come witness an artist’s view of a perfect woman, replicated in the multitude of scalloped petals; a metaphorical imagery of a lady and her rebirth in nature.

Floral Statment Necklace, Rings & Bracelets

This collection encompasses myriad designs of floral jewellery in floral diamond earrings, floral diamond rings, floral diamond necklaces, floral statement necklaces and floral diamond bracelets. The designs in this collection are adaptable to suit any occasion or event, most importantly the biggest event in a woman’s life: her wedding. You can select / choose floral jewellery for mehendi or floral jewellery for haldi or similar functions for yourself; moreover, if you are planning to gift something exclusive to your BFF, then the floral jewellery for bride - a part of this collection - will take care of your gifting needs.

Floral Diamond Jewellery

Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


More or less, the floral jewellery collection is priced at INR 12,000 and above keeping in mind that a woman can never have enough jewellery.


‘The flower never calls out to the bees, it is the bee that finds the flower… so open up and blossom, the world awaits your beauty!’


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