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Delia Glo Diamond Earrings

Rs. 68,411 Rs. 58,149

Style No KC00177

Amara Glo Diamond Earrings

Rs. 76,086 Rs. 64,673

Style No KC00249

Luvena Glo Diamond Earrings

Rs. 68,773 Rs. 58,457

Style No KC00252

Luvena Glo Diamond Pendant

Rs. 51,191 Rs. 43,512

Style No KC00255

Delia Glo Diamond Ring

Rs. 30,633 Rs. 26,038

Style No KC00260

Helina Glo Diamond Ring

Rs. 29,678 Rs. 25,226

Style No KC00264

Luvena Glo Diamond Ring

Rs. 32,231 Rs. 27,396

Style No KC00263

Urice Glo Diamond Ring

Rs. 58,319 Rs. 49,571

Style No KC00267

Urice Glo Diamond Pendant

Rs. 49,614 Rs. 42,172

Style No KC00273

Eveline Glo Diamond Earrings

Rs. 41,676 Rs. 35,425

Style No KC00276

Lumina Glo Diamond Ring

Rs. 40,798 Rs. 34,678

Style No KC00282

Erinna Glo Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 84,501 Rs. 71,826

Style No KC00297

Luvena Glo Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 93,316 Rs. 79,319

Style No KC00300

Amara Glo Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 91,219 Rs. 77,536

Style No KC00303

Delia Glo Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 90,318 Rs. 76,770

Style No KC00306

Neria Glo Diamond Bracelet

Rs. 98,674 Rs. 83,873

Style No KC00309

Glo Collection

Glo, the dancing diamond collection features pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets expertly crafted and placed in a way that allows the diamond in the centre to dance gracefully with every twist and every turn and every heartbeat. The special twinkle setting of the ornament ensures that the stone radiates and sparkles with a brilliance, which is mesmerizing to all those who behold it.


Glo is designed with a unique setting that allows the centre diamond to quiver continuously with your movements emitting a sparkle that is more brilliant than a still diamond. The collection is perfect for gifting especially for birthdays, anniversaries or valentine because of its unique designing and mechanism.

Dancing Diamond

Dancing diamonds as the name suggests is explicitly shown in each and every design of Glo. Unlike other diamond jewellery the centre stone or cluster of diamonds is suspended from two sides preventing the centre piece from touching the person’s body. This enables the diamond to move continuously, making it sparkle consistently and allude to the dancing illusion. There are no laser holes and no hidden strings holding the stone, leaving the stone untarnished and resplendent.


A simple Delia Glo Diamond Pendant or Erinna Glo Diamond pendant set can brighten up your day at work as well as those college get togethers, from young to old, everyone can sport these with ease. The Glo rings are the most unique proposal and promise rings, the Amara Glo Diamond Ring or possibly the Neria Glo Diamond Ring are perfect for those magical moments.

Glo Collection Price

The Glo Collection is priced at a starting range of around Rs.13,000/-. You can buy them in sets of pendants, earrings and rings also. Glo is a collection of Kalyan jewellers, launched exclusively on Candere and is available with us with certifications for diamond jewellery as well as hallmarking for gold from reputed globally recognised labs like IGI, GIA, and BIS Hallmarking.


Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.

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