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The Illusion Jewellery

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llusion Jewellery

An illusion is one that looks like what it is not. Illusion jewellery is just that. A ‘solitaire look’; but is not really a solitaire. Various techniques are used to create this illusion with the help of Pressure setting, Invisible setting, Plate setting and of course there is the clever placement of diamonds that leaves no room for metal, shining indefinitely in a cluster looking like a solitaire from afar. Illusion jewellery gives you the room to get the ‘solitaire effect’ in a smaller budget.

How is it different from miracle plates?

An illusion solitaire leaves very little room for metal, as the sparkle is from the diamond itself, smaller, placed like a jigsaw puzzle using comparatively less no of carats than an actual solitaire. A miracle plate however is a reflective metal sheet with only one diamond placed in the centre.


An illusion solitaire with the look of 1.00ct will cost more than its miracle plate counterpart but is way cheaper than a 1.00ct solitaire.

Rs. 33,192 Rs. 31,613

Style No C010489

Rs. 36,847 Rs. 34,418

Style No C010475

Rs. 42,997 Rs. 40,771

Style No C010477

Rs. 38,648 Rs. 36,644

Style No C004988

Rs. 77,481 Rs. 71,470

Style No R010214

Rs. 36,188 Rs. 34,245

Style No C003533

Rs. 51,334 Rs. 48,905

Style No C010461

Rs. 24,909 Rs. 22,723

Style No C010481

Rs. 50,531 Rs. 47,859

Style No C010493

Rs. 46,662 Rs. 45,148

Style No C006407

Rs. 74,780 Rs. 71,380

Style No C010479

Rs. 56,895 Rs. 54,648

Style No C010471

Rs. 25,433 Rs. 23,551

Style No C010464

Rs. 33,824 Rs. 31,436

Style No C010488

Rs. 54,275 Rs. 50,996

Style No C010474

Rs. 53,314 Rs. 51,341

Style No C010460