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Laya Collection


Inspired by nature, the collection reinvents rose gold jewellery to the form of a woman, with surprising ease and charms them
into radiating designs, forms, curves, shapes, voluptuous volume and perfect proportions.

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The Collection weaves intimate links between fashion and jewelry with nature inspired motifs like flowers, leafs, stems, etc.
The collection reflects with these extravagant designs, ethereal inspirations and fine pieces an expression of femininity that is confident of its power.

Misa Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 42,681 Rs. 36,706

Style No KC00491

Marri Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 53,771 Rs. 46,243

Style No KC00458

Misa Laya Diamond Earrings

Rs. 65,085 Rs. 55,973

Style No KC00488

Yumi Laya Diamond Ring

Rs. 69,142 Rs. 59,462

Style No KC00536

Okimi Laya Diamond Ring

Rs. 69,909 Rs. 60,122

Style No KC00539

Haruki Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 73,672 Rs. 63,358

Style No KC00506


Departing from the usual round shaped diamonds the Laya Collection is designed using fancier shapes that add to the scintillating look of every product.

Haruki Laya Diamond Earrings

Rs. 80,134 Rs. 68,915

Style No KC00503

Sanyu Laya Diamond Ring

Rs. 86,660 Rs. 74,528

Style No KC00950

Sanyu Laya Diamond Ring

Rs. 90,021 Rs. 77,418

Style No KC00533

Nori Laya Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 90,478 Rs. 77,811

Style No KC00524

Chika Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 103,584 Rs. 89,082

Style No KC00449

Sayuri Laya Diamond Stud Earrings

Rs. 107,647 Rs. 92,576

Style No KC00335

The collection has sets of matching pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklace designs that are not only contemporary but also innovative and standout from its conventional alternatives,

Saburo Laya Diamond Earrings

Rs. 132,726 Rs. 114,144

Style No KC00902

Sayaka Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 142,134 Rs. 122,235

Style No KC00446

Morika Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 153,624 Rs. 132,117

Style No KC00911

Souji Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 178,592 Rs. 153,589

Style No KC00923

Saiua Laya Diamond Pendant

Rs. 238,257 Rs. 204,901

Style No KC00929

Chiaki Laya Diamond Earrings

Rs. 318,766 Rs. 274,139

Style No KC00890

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