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Shynah Laya Diamond Pendant
Rs. 29,710 Rs. 23,768

Offer Price: Rs. 19,302 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Itsuki Laya Diamond Stud Earrings
Rs. 69,510 Rs. 55,608

Offer Price: Rs. 45,596 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Shynah Laya Diamo...
Rs. 35,066 Rs. 28,053

Offer Price: Rs. 23,536 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Haruki Laya Diamond Pendant
Rs. 50,776 Rs. 40,621

Offer Price: Rs. 32,586 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Sayuri Laya Diamond Stud Earrings
Rs. 78,606 Rs. 62,885

Offer Price: Rs. 51,170 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Wakana Laya Diamond Ring
Rs. 38,271 Rs. 30,617

Offer Price: Rs. 25,986 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Wakana Laya Diamond Pendant
Rs. 60,566 Rs. 48,453

Offer Price: Rs. 38,287 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Akane Laya Diamond Stud Earrings
Rs. 97,724 Rs. 78,179

Offer Price: Rs. 63,380 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Itsuki Laya Diamo...
Rs. 41,583 Rs. 33,266

Offer Price: Rs. 28,441 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Sayuri Laya Diamond Pendant
Rs. 63,191 Rs. 50,553

Offer Price: Rs. 39,949 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Kaiya Laya Diamond Earrings
Rs. 115,794 Rs. 92,635

Offer Price: Rs. 74,597 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Haruki Laya Diamond Ring
Rs. 42,050 Rs. 33,640

Offer Price: Rs. 28,030 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Itsuki Laya Diamond Pendant
Rs. 74,908 Rs. 59,926

Offer Price: Rs. 48,331 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Naomi Laya Diamond Stud Earrings
Rs. 126,040 Rs. 100,832

Offer Price: Rs. 82,173 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Sayuri Laya Diamond Ring
Rs. 45,134 Rs. 36,107

Offer Price: Rs. 30,068 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Hibiki Laya Diamond Pendant
Rs. 80,680 Rs. 64,544

Offer Price: Rs. 51,431 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)


Laya Rose Gold Jewellery Collection

The Laya collection is an exclusive party wear jewellery that caters to all your social and family events. With the tagline ‘The Rose Gold Edit’, this collection is primarily designed in rose gold hue to give a feminine and gentle touch to the collection. The Laya jewellery collection is made up of rings, earrings, pendants and bangles.

Laya Jewellery Designs

The Laya jewellery is an intricately designed collection that includes fine detailing studded with diamonds. Not only that, but the jewellery designs listed below also experiment with a bunch of diamond shapes apart from round, like marquise, pear, princess cut, etc. That being said, you can also choose to get the statement jewellery that speaks about you from Laya jewellery that you have been looking for a long time.

While dressing up for an important event, we often get confused with what to wear or what to pair. Getting your jewellery from Laya also sorts the trouble of thinking what goes with what since every pair of earrings come with a matching pendant or bracelet. Even though these aren't daily wear jewellery, the gold used in Laya jewellery ranges roughly from 1.25gm to 10.5gm because wearing lightweight fancy jewellery is everyone’s right. Isn’t it?

The Laya jewellery collection is all about style and pose. Often, we want to gift something pretty and fancy to our loved one but can’t quite decide on the jewellery. Laya collection is the ideal collection to pick your gift from. Let us know in advance and we will be happy to gift wrap your present for your special someone.

As opposed to the tagline, the Laya jewellery collection is also available in Yellow and White gold shades. Not only can you customize the gold colour, but also the quality of diamond used in the jewellery.

Laya Jewellery Price

The Laya jewellery collection starts at Rs. 29,756 with a diamond ring and goes up to a couple of lakhs for a pair of earrings. Shopping for diamond jewellery set can put a little strain on your wallet, that’s why we have the option of shopping on EMI. Keeping in mind the jewellery you shopped in for gifting, add jewellery insurance for a very nominal charge at checkout to safeguard your gift from unwanted scenarios.

Candere always deals in only BIS hallmarked gold jewellery online, emphasizing a lot on the stress factor that bonds buyers to their jewellery vendors. Each and every piece of jewellery manufactured and sold here is hallmarked by BIS and it is advised that one should always check for the symbol of hallmarking on any jewellery while purchasing. The purchase is also accompanied by a genuine certificate of authentication of the diamonds that guarantees many years of service and the trust of Kalyan Jewellers.

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