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Noor Collection

For the girl in you that still believes in fairy tales.

Inspired by the architectural genius of Marrakech, of the kingdom of Morocco; the designs exude an aura of fairy tale romance, mystic allure and Arabian magic. The collection draws inspiration from the sophisticated zellige tile work and arches paying homage to Arabian Nights we grew up listening to.

Necla Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 9,980 Rs. 7,984

Style No C014781

Melike Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 14,861 Rs. 11,889

Style No C014778

Fairuza Noor Diamond Ring

Rs. 15,971 Rs. 12,777

Style No C014685

Arezoo Noor Diamond Ring

Rs. 16,803 Rs. 13,442

Style No C014682

Sanaz Noor Diamond Ring

Rs. 18,241 Rs. 14,593

Style No C014694

Mariska Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 19,721 Rs. 15,777

Style No C014757

Keziah Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 22,094 Rs. 17,675

Style No C014763

Judite Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 22,614 Rs. 18,091

Style No C014775

Melike Noor Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 24,369 Rs. 19,495

Style No C014724

Joasia Noor Diamond Pendant

Rs. 28,271 Rs. 22,617

Style No C014745

Akara Noor Diamond Ring

Rs. 37,969 Rs. 30,375

Style No C014718

Emine Noor Diamond Earrings

Rs. 55,111 Rs. 44,089

Style No C014742

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