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Sunehri Lees Jewellery

Ester Diamond Pendant

Rs. 18,245 Rs. 15,508

Style No C010553

Ester Diamond Earrings

Rs. 27,638 Rs. 23,492

Style No C010551

Felicity Diamond Pendant

Rs. 35,738 Rs. 30,377

Style No R010528

Felicity Diamond Earrings

Rs. 39,404 Rs. 33,493

Style No R010530

Trellis Diamond Pendant

Rs. 50,115 Rs. 42,598

Style No C010555

Trellis Diamond Ring

Rs. 43,680 Rs. 37,128

Style No C011016

Tania Diamond Pendant

Rs. 31,636 Rs. 26,891

Style No C002703

Everly Diamond Ring

Rs. 44,962 Rs. 38,218

Style No C010543

Crysanthe Diamond Earrings

Rs. 23,980 Rs. 20,383

Style No C010671

Kaashika Diamond Earrings

Rs. 30,884 Rs. 26,251

Style No C004949

Kala Diamond Earrings

Rs. 27,658 Rs. 23,509

Style No C004952

Emerson Diamond Earrings

Rs. 39,376 Rs. 33,470

Style No R010536

Thitiksha Diamond Ring

Rs. 34,405 Rs. 29,244

Style No C010557

Gaatha Diamond Ring

Rs. 33,732 Rs. 28,672

Style No C011011

Heritage Diamond Ring

Rs. 97,487 Rs. 82,864

Style No C011009

Bianca Diamond Pendant

Rs. 28,729 Rs. 24,420

Style No C010567

Sunheri Lees or the golden lace is inspired by the intricate designs of hand-woven lace designs made by skilled weavers that add poise, beauty and ornamentation to any dull outfit. The Lace designs used in Sunehri Lees jewellery are a universal favourite made popular by artists over time. From lace saris to LBD’s, headbands to gloves, to shoes to bags and now jewellery, laces have a way of making anything look beautiful! Already mesmerized by Sunehri Lees jewellery collection? Here are a few more things to know about it.

Sunehri Lees Jewellery Designs

The Sunehri Lees jewellery collection is a compilation of designs that have ‘jaal’ look; this designing style is very popular among jewellery lovers as it looks bigger at the same price than other products. The lightweight concept works very well in this design making it a universal favourite. The product list has mostly pendant sets, earrings and rings that are popular among women of all ages. Confused which one should you get? Here are the bestselling Sunehri Lees jewellery for you – Adira pendant set, Zaira diamond earrings, Heritage diamond ring, Encased Treasure pearl earrings, Thitiksha diamond ring, Crysanthe diamond earrings, Ester diamond pendant set, felicity pendant set, Everly diamond ring, Wren diamond pendant, Trellis diamond ring and Wren diamond pendant set. Sunehri Lees jewellery is also home to a bunch of gemstones like Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Iolite, Pearl, Red Spinel and Green Onyx.

Gold Sunehri Lees Jewellery

All the Sunehri Lees jewellery at Candere is made in gold, both in 18K as well as 14K purity. You can also change the gold colour to yellow gold, white gold or rose gold as per your convenience. The gold used in these Sunehri Lees jewellery ranges in weight from 2.1gm up to 11.3gm. You can very well guess these jewellery can be worn as daily or work wear jewellery as well as for festive wear.

Diamond Sunehri Lees Jewellery

All the designs in Sunehri Lees collection have diamonds. Diamonds have become pretty much a daily affair. It’s so gorgeous that ladies don’t want to keep it for special occasions because every day is a party… isn’t it ladies? The products listed on this page can be worn for daily wear as well as festive wear. Daily wear jewellery are Bianca diamond pendant, Dishita red spinel ring, Esteria diamond earrings, Ester diamond pendant, etc. Festive wear jewellery are Sabrina Blue Gemstone Earrings, Genevieve diamond ring, Daphne diamond ring, Cherisa diamond earring, Elizabeth diamond pendant, etc.

These jewellery also has some contemporary designs that woman would love sporting like Tania diamond pendant, Emerson diamond earrings, Felicity diamond earrings, Laceflower diamond ring, Butterfly Sui dhaga, Effervescence diamond earrings, etc. Each and every piece of jewellery manufactured and sold here is hallmarked by BIS and it is advised that one should always check for the symbol of hallmarking on any jewellery while purchasing. All gemstone and diamond jewellery is certified gemstone laboratories like CGL, SGL and IGI. The marking is also accompanied by a genuine certificate of hallmarking, which guarantees many years of service.

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