Gemstone Anklet Women's Accessories

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Pial Gold Anklet ...
Rs. 11,320 Rs. 9,056

Offer Price: Rs. 8,638 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Hayi Evil Eye Anklet
Rs. 13,671 Rs. 10,937

Offer Price: Rs. 10,808 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Kaea Evil Eye Anklet
Rs. 18,339 Rs. 14,671

Offer Price: Rs. 14,220 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)


Stone Anklet

Women wear gemstone anklets to alert the people in the house that a woman is in their presence and the men must behave accordingly. The soothing sound an anklet notifies the people around so that they act accordingly. However the customs have changed and now they are worn as an adornment and is a trend that is picking up among the women. Gold gemstone anklet are worn when a woman visits a temple. The gold gemstone anklets are elegant and unique which when worn, adds value to your presence and persona. 

Gemstone Anklet Design 

The stone anklet is intricately designed to exude beauty and elegance to the women. The gemstone anklet are sleek and comfortably sit around your ankles. People who notice such details will truly admire your beauty and personality. The pial gemstone anklet is a gold anklet with a pearl pendant suspended in it, which is priced at Rs 9,134 and the Hayi Evil Eye Anklet has a green gemstone attached to the gold anklet making these two pieces ideal for any women. Also the Kaea Evil Eye Anklet is another piece with green gemstone in them and the gold chain has intricate designs.

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