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Gemstone Astro Pendants

Mya Split loop Emerald Pendant

Rs. 44,068 Rs. 43,038

Style No C013879

Allister Iolite Pendant

Rs. 31,413 Rs. 26,881

Style No C012268

Anthony Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 55,412 Rs. 46,348

Style No C012262

Eluria Blue Sapphire Pendant

Rs. 47,583 Rs. 46,553

Style No C013885

Isui V loop Aquamarine pendant

Rs. 20,938 Rs. 19,908

Style No C013965

Rocio Amethyst Pendant

Rs. 13,989

Style No C013979

The Love knot Aquamarine pendant

Rs. 15,270 Rs. 13,910

Style No C013997

Astro pendants are those pendants that are worn for astrological purposes. The astro pendants listed here are made in gold and looks quite stylish even when worn on a daily basis. These are suitable to wear to your place of work or otherwise.

Gemstone Astro Pendants Designs

One of the key features of these astro pendants is their bail. Some of them have simple bail while some has split bail. The latter looks quite stylish and comes with a refreshed look. Another interesting thing to note about the design is astro pendants is their setting. The prong setting is the most common type of setting for stones and gemstone. However, the protective and enclosed bezel setting is also preferred by many that prevent the gemstone from chipping.

The main focus of these astro pendants is their gemstones. Most of the designs hold the gemstone in place securely. The gemstones used ranges from 1carats to 5carats in weight. The gemstones listed are Emerald, Iolite, Red Spinel, Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine and Amethyst.

All gold jewellery that is manufactured and sold at Candere are BIS Hallmark i.e. a special sign that not only ensures the authenticity of the jewellery but also the jeweller. The gemstones carry a Certificate of Authenticity issued by reputed gemstone laboratories like IGI, SGL and CGL.

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