Gemstone Astro Rings

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Gail Yellow Sapph...
Rs. 64,888 Rs. 51,910

Offer Price: Rs. 42,640 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Diona Yellow Sapp...
Rs. 26,118 Rs. 20,894

Offer Price: Rs. 19,271 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)

Alyn Citrine Ring
Rs. 28,301 Rs. 22,641

Offer Price: Rs. 19,577 (50% Making Off)

Indian Filigree Emerald Ring
Rs. 70,769 Rs. 56,615

Offer Price: Rs. 48,272 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Cadwyn Emerald Ring
Rs. 81,824 Rs. 65,459

Offer Price: Rs. 52,944 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Qiao Ruby Ring
Rs. 66,313 Rs. 53,050

Offer Price: Rs. 43,780 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Avryl Ruby Ring
Rs. 41,713 Rs. 33,370

Offer Price: Rs. 28,735 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Welby Aquamarine ...
Rs. 40,761 Rs. 32,609

Offer Price: Rs. 28,592 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)


Gemstones are colourful stones that are used in jewellery. These gemstones bring colour to our jewellery and make it fun to wear them.

Gemstones are also worn for astrological purposes. They are said to increase self-confidence, enhance mental health, etc. The gemstone astro rings designs you see below are worn mostly for astrological purposes. These gemstone astro rings designs can be customized in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold colours. Moreover, you can also alter the price of each gemstone astro rings designs to fit your budget by changing the Gold purity to 18K or 14K.

Scroll down and browse the gemstone astro rings designs and select the one you like the most. You can gift these rings on special occasions like birthday, special occasions, etc. Most of the rings you see below come in bezel setting because gemstones are not as hard as diamonds and having a setting that will prevent it from chipping is always a good idea.

You can expect to see Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Aquamarine, etc.

Gemstone Astro Rings

Astro rings are worn because these are said to affect one’s mood, mind and soul positively. These rings come with interesting designs as well as fancy cut gemstones like Asscher, emerald, oval and round. You can expect to see red, blue, green, yellow, orange and aqua.

Scroll down to find the numerous gemstone astro rings designs below. If you look carefully, each design can also be customized with other gemstones. For instance, Alyn ring can be customized with Emerald, Blue Sapphire as well as Citrine with a change in pricing as well. Qiao can be customized with Ruby, Emerald and Blue while Diona can be customized with Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire and Garnet.

Gold Gemstone Astro Rings

Gemstone astro rings designs you see below uses only gold as a metal. These rings are made by using gold weighing anything in between 2gm to 6gm. These gold gemstone astrological rings for men are apt for daily wear as well as festive wear.

Gold is the top preference of everyone while buying fine jewellery. This metal does not react when it comes in contact with the skin and is also bought as a security anchor during times of crisis.

Gemstone Astro Rings Price

The gemstone astro rings designs you see below starts at ~Rs. 14,668 with Fineen Garnet ring. This is a simple gemstone ring with split shanks on either side. The Garnet stone is at full glory in the ring. The gemstone astro rings designs for this ring also allows customization with other stones like Amethyst, Ruby and Pink Sapphire.

You can shop any of these gemstone astro rings designs on EMI - Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Under these EMI schemes, you can shop for these gemstone astro rings designs as per your convenience. Other payment modes are Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash On delivery, NEFT and cheque deposit. We will also be happy to gift wrap the jewellery and put a handmade greetings card inside if you are buying this for gifting purposes.

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