Gemstone Women Earrings Below 20,000

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Amor Love Gemstone Earrings
Rs. 13,666 Rs. 10,933

Offer Price: Rs. 9,983 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Aria Pearl Earrings
Rs. 15,106 Rs. 12,085

Offer Price: Rs. 10,627 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)

Thrifty Triangles Onyx Earrings
Rs. 18,034 Rs. 14,427

Offer Price: Rs. 14,307 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Red Coral and Pea...
Rs. 16,488 Rs. 13,190

Offer Price: Rs. 12,936 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Siri Swarovski® Z...
Rs. 19,063

Offer Price: Rs. 16,104 (50% Making Off)

Sea Garden Earrings
Rs. 13,408 Rs. 10,726

Offer Price: Rs. 10,485 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Moonga-Moti Stud Earrings
Rs. 14,470 Rs. 11,576

Offer Price: Rs. 11,164 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Coral blossom Earrings
Rs. 19,330 Rs. 15,464

Offer Price: Rs. 13,755 (50% Making Off)

Pearl spirit Earr...
Rs. 17,430 Rs. 13,944

Offer Price: Rs. 13,650 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Coral Flower Earr...
Rs. 17,599 Rs. 14,079

Offer Price: Rs. 13,667 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Rut Swarovski® Zi...
Rs. 12,784

Offer Price: Rs. 12,611 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Me Time Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 14,153

Offer Price: Rs. 13,990 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Palette Love Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 18,467

Offer Price: Rs. 14,559 (50% Making Off)

Azure TnT Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 17,331

Offer Price: Rs. 14,133 (50% Making Off)

Rut Islet Swarovski® Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 14,645

Offer Price: Rs. 14,472 ( 25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Zaylee Gemstone E...
Rs. 17,461 Rs. 13,969

Offer Price: Rs. 13,460 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)


Affordable Gemstone Earrings

Earrings enhance the grace of a girl and the charm of a woman. From twinkling studs to delicate dangles and simple hoops the collection is complete with daily wear earrings starting at 9,000/- only. The products are perfect for gifting without going beyond budget; the collection includes colored gemstones including the much raved about black onyx and pearl earrings and you can select your choice of gemstone by hovering on the gemstone icons to view the change in color on the gem.

Budget Gemstone Earrings

Under 20K Collection makes it simple and easy for those with a smaller budget to buy something that will last forever in the memories of their loved ones.

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