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Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Gemstone Women Rings Below 20,000

Nature's Pride Citrine & Diamond Statement Ring

Rs. 14,687 Rs. 12,631

Style No C013086

Waltz Casual Diamond Gap Ring

Rs. 9,450 Rs. 8,127

Style No C013069

Tribes Casual Black Onyx Gap Ring

Rs. 14,256 Rs. 12,260

Style No C013045

The Empress Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 16,336 Rs. 14,049

Style No C012962

Single Is Fun Red Spinel Gap Ring

Rs. 10,763 Rs. 9,256

Style No C012871

Geometrix Diamond Ring

Rs. 12,480 Rs. 10,733

Style No C012849

Tiny Triangles Diamond Ring

Rs. 10,549 Rs. 9,072

Style No C012847

Argia Diamond Ring

Rs. 10,962 Rs. 9,427

Style No C012843

Verve Onyx Gap Ring

Rs. 15,072 Rs. 12,962

Style No C012697

Fineen Garnet Ring

Rs. 17,587 Rs. 15,125

Style No C013925

Dolly Pearl Diamond Ring

Rs. 17,991 Rs. 15,472

Style No C008503

Alyn Citrine Ring

Rs. 18,440 Rs. 15,858

Style No C013849

Livilla Navratna Ring

Rs. 19,286 Rs. 16,586

Style No C013563

Kamloops Red Spinel Ring

Rs. 13,235 Rs. 11,382

Style No C011587

Allura Pink Spinel Ring

Rs. 19,719 Rs. 16,958

Style No C011533

Love Seat White Pearl Ring

Rs. 13,721 Rs. 11,800

Style No C011633

Affordable Gemstone Rings

The word affordable comes as a sigh of relief especially when the ring in concern is for a loved one, or a proposal or has taken a great deal of effort to purchase. Some gifts mean much more than others and everyone deserves to get that one ring that can create history in that one moment.

Affordable Stone Rings

Candere offers an eclectic collection of petite and pretty diamond rings suitable for gifting, starting from an attractive range of 7,000/- only. The collection includes colored gemstones including the much raved about black onyx and pearl rings. You can select your choice of gemstone by hovering on the gemstone icons to view the change in color on the gem. What’s more is each product has an engraving feature that lets you purchase your ring with your message engraved. You can watch it being written while you select your choice of font and character too.

Budget Gemstone Rings

Under 20K Collection makes it simple and easy for those with a smaller budget to buy something that will last forever in the memories of their loved ones.

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