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Solitaire Nose Pin Designs

The most popular cuts of stones you will see here are the princess, round & triangle; the stones used are of these colours: red, black, green, pink, purple, orange, aqua and dark blue, even though the most sought-after ones are red stone nosepin and black stone nosepins. The largest stone size is 0.15Ct and the tiniest one is 0.05Ct. Since all are priced below 5000, you might want to order for 2 quantities, to wear them as studs.

Solitaire Nose Pin On EMI

Even though the prices of these nosepins are so low, one may not need an EMI to buy, but because the EMI payment option is available, some are inspired to buy a handful of these pretty looking gemstone nosepins – ie. In bulk, wither for marriages or for personal collection or even for gifting. Now that’s a cool idea we just passed on to you, yeah?

Rs. 3,618 Rs. 2,894

Style No C010771

Rs. 3,224 Rs. 2,579

Style No C010879

Rs. 3,633 Rs. 2,906

Style No C010881

Rs. 3,574 Rs. 2,859

Style No C010901

Rs. 5,470 Rs. 4,376

Style No C010905

Rs. 3,216 Rs. 2,573

Style No C010917

Rs. 3,723 Rs. 2,978

Style No C010931

Rs. 4,393 Rs. 3,514

Style No C010939

Rs. 4,019 Rs. 3,215

Style No C010951

Rs. 3,779 Rs. 3,023

Style No C010955

Rs. 3,349 Rs. 2,679

Style No C010859

Rs. 2,934 Rs. 2,347

Style No C010853

Rs. 2,483 Rs. 1,986

Style No C010737

Rs. 2,659 Rs. 2,127

Style No C010749

Rs. 3,286 Rs. 2,629

Style No C010765

Rs. 3,200 Rs. 2,560

Style No C010783