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Gemstone Everyday

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Everyday Gemstone Pendants

One must have hardly ever come across a woman who does not like to wear some jewellery on her; far from meeting a woman who said she had enough jewellery in her collection. Gemstone jewellery allows you to experiment to your heart’s content and have as many pieces as you wish to. Because no woman can stop at one piece of everyday wear gemstone pendant and be satisfied at that. Especially office goers need to have a good collection of not just apparels or accessories to experiment with, but there has to be a few pieces of precious ornaments too. and with prices like Candere’s, you can have that dream fulfilled.

Gemstone Solitaire Pendants

Even though most of the pendants under this collection are studded with single gems, there are a few that have diamonds encrusted on them too. The designs are such that you won’t worry about or hesitate to flaunt them on a daily basis at home, in gatherings, during socializing or in college, office or at work. These pendants, because they are feminine, have a touch of delicateness to them, not very elaborate, yet down-to-earth, minimal and smart. You will find a plethora of coloured stones that adorn these pendants: blue, yellow, white, red, green, pink, purple, orange, aqua, etc. Since they are affordable within the scale of INR 20000 to 40000, you might want to gift them also.

Gemstone Pendants Jewellery

With prices so affordable, most of the buyers buy gemstone pendants on COD too, apart from online payments; wherein, you simply have to finish a part of the payment, and then pay the remaining amount upon delivery. Rest assured, Candere only sells certified gemstones and gemstone jewellery; where your gold also is BIS hallmarked. Your product will be accompanied by an invoice and a certificate.

Rs. 22,883 Rs. 18,306

Style No C009187

Rs. 15,870 Rs. 12,696

Style No C009131

Rs. 19,100 Rs. 15,280

Style No C009109

Rs. 10,198 Rs. 8,158

Style No C009203

Rs. 16,531 Rs. 13,225

Style No C009045

Rs. 20,144 Rs. 16,115

Style No C009067

Rs. 15,181 Rs. 12,145

Style No C013167

Rs. 5,516 Rs. 4,413

Style No C012567

Rs. 35,750 Rs. 28,600

Style No C012533

Rs. 42,534 Rs. 34,027

Style No C012198

Rs. 65,449 Rs. 52,359

Style No C012136

Rs. 30,551 Rs. 24,441

Style No C012134

Rs. 20,329 Rs. 16,263

Style No C011707

Rs. 16,879 Rs. 13,503

Style No C011705

Rs. 24,174 Rs. 19,339

Style No C010380

Rs. 24,623 Rs. 19,698

Style No C010341