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Gemstone Exquisite Earrings

(98 Items)
Ruby Couple Heart Earring
Rs. 15,846 Rs. 12,677

Offer Price: Rs. 12,353 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Zaylee Gemstone E...
Rs. 17,421 Rs. 13,937

Offer Price: Rs. 13,428 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Thrifty Triangles Onyx Earrings
Rs. 17,715 Rs. 14,172

Offer Price: Rs. 14,051 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Palette Love Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 18,216

Offer Price: Rs. 14,308 (50% Making Off)

Merlot TnT Cubic Zirconia Gold Earrings
Rs. 18,435

Offer Price: Rs. 14,291 (50% Making Off)

Siri Swarovski® Z...
Rs. 18,721

Offer Price: Rs. 15,762 (50% Making Off)

Rainy Rosa Gemstone Earrings
Rs. 18,894 Rs. 15,115

Offer Price: Rs. 9,825 (35% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Lykke Swarovski® ...
Rs. 20,202

Offer Price: Rs. 17,212 (50% Making Off)


Exquisite Gemstone Earrings

Interestingly, most of the earrings in this collection are changeable or detachable if one would notice. Which means, there are more than one styles to wear them and flaunt them. Since these are heavy on the design and bold in looks, they are usually worn in weddings, festivities and cocktail parties. Also, most of the pieces here have either their design matches in pendants or in necklaces. Ethnic and exclusive earrings like these look best when combined with a dainty matching neck piece – draws greater attention.

Gemstone Drop Earrings

Detailed designs like exquisite earrings studded up to 80% in gems cheer up the atmosphere and light up the mood for any event. These will look mesmerizing along the cascading fall of dark tresses resembling nightfall and will enhance the look of your outfit too, no matter what you wear. The ethnic looking exclusive earrings come in all shapes and patterns from dainty geometric, to ethnic florals, ranging from 2.5Ct stones to 0.5Ct stones; a few pieces have matching pendants & necklaces too: Loreen, Clara, Rosalie, Marcia, Veera and so on.

Unique Gemstone Earrings

Some unique changeable earrings that our favourite and are bestselling designs are as follows:


Yahvi Gemstone Cascade Earrings that have a cocktail of various gems, shapes & settings ranging from 2.50Ct oval green stones in prong settings to pink coloured red spinel 1.50Ct stones in pear shape and prong settings; in addition to round diamonds in bezel setting.


Piazza Detachable Green Onyx Earrings that have an asymmetric octagonal shape that gives the illusion of a hexagon, is one more detachable earring, perfect for your outdoor events, where you must stand out. This one has an Asscher and Pear shaped green onyx stones with prong set diamonds and a detachable piece for styling up.


The Arohi Changeable Earrings with 8 pear and 1 marquise citrine stones and one pear shaped ruby is the perfect hack to switch from your office look to your dinner date look thanks to its detachable single ruby stud.


Another elegant detachable stud is the Nisarga Earrings – also changeable with 6 oval shaped green stones of 0.50Ct each, set in between 6 round diamonds in bezel setting; the detachable part has 6 oval shaped blue stones, surrounding a center diamond stone in prong setting.

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