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Gemstone Cocktail Pendants

Pearlina  Blue Sapphire Pendant

Pearlina Blue Sapphire Pendant

Rs. 137,665 Rs. 110,132

Style No C008993

Marcia Green Onyx Pendant

Rs. 277,364 Rs. 221,891

Style No C012210

Lorena Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 341,781 Rs. 273,425

Style No C012226

Marlena Green Onyx Pendant

Rs. 61,461 Rs. 49,169

Style No C012228

Leslie Iolite Pendant

Rs. 90,743 Rs. 72,594

Style No C012236

Kellsey Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 155,408 Rs. 124,326

Style No C012244

Kimrose Green Onyx Pendant

Rs. 152,448 Rs. 121,958

Style No C012246

Jenifer Iolite Pendant

Rs. 184,179 Rs. 147,343

Style No C012254

Loreen Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 223,023 Rs. 178,418

Style No C012525

Vera Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 100,966 Rs. 80,773

Style No C012208

Celine Green Onyx Pendant

Rs. 88,108 Rs. 70,486

Style No C012202

Denisa Iolite Pendant

Rs. 248,198 Rs. 198,558

Style No C012144

Maisie Green Onyx Pendant

Rs. 117,063 Rs. 93,650

Style No C012154

Velvet Iolite Pendant

Rs. 79,884 Rs. 63,907

Style No C012162

Elise Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 42,828 Rs. 34,262

Style No C012170

Liliana Green Onyx Pendant

Rs. 42,596 Rs. 34,077

Style No C012172

Cocktail Gemstone Pendants

Life is a reflection of choices; make sure to select only the best ones for you, for they in turn will tell the world about you.

Who says that for partying, one needs a fancy finger ring and that’s it? Dressing up to the hilt for a party, requires planning, some investment of time and energy too. not only do girls have to ‘think’ and at times overthink about the outfit and its fitting, but more important here are accessories, jewellery and your customized bling! But of course, bling is all that matters, in the name of party and enjoying some juicy yet cocktail gossip out there with your ladies. Women worry about what they are wearing only as long as the moment they step in the ball room; after which, they simply forget who they are, what they are wearing, unless someone notices the glitter and for a few – maybe seconds, maybe moments – lingers their attention-cum-comment on them. Once that is gone, it is a passé; ladies are too busy checking each other out, aren’t they? After all, all the bling drama is meant for the lady folks only, right?

Party Wear Gemstone Pendants

Likewise, to make a fancy jewellery design for a party wear gemstone pendant also requires planning – of the settings, stones to be used, the styling, carats and overall weight of the product. The larger pendants are studded usually with single bigger carat gems in pear shape, still making themselves the ‘center’ of attraction, while the smaller pendants are centered around sizeable carat of the gem, mostly in oval or round shapes. Nonetheless, you would find a myriad variety of partywear pendants here. The spirit and energy of the parties, the fun and enthusiasm, the ambiance, all reflects boldly onto the brilliant diamonds and gemstones set oh so perfectly into these charming pendants, that trace the beauty of your svelte neck and light up your evening. Beautifully arranged star diamonds or diamonds of the same carat, these pendants are not your usual tiny versions, dainty looking or intending to give you a minimalistic look, but they glam you up!

Genuine Gemstone Pendants

Even though most of the pendants are studded in gems and coloured stones, nearly 50-60% of the piece is covered with diamonds. As if, without diamonds, there is really no life in these cocktail pendants or these jewelleries. Now when there are so many colours around you in this collection, it will never fail to catch your fancy, in their multiple tones and colour hues. Gemstones, thanks to their colourful nature, add some element of interest to your evening, to your cocktail conversations too, even as you groove to the music and sway to beats off the dance floor. Cocktail pendants, in nature, resemble very much with cocktail rings, known as exquisite cause they are fancy, elaborate and really eye catchy; they are meant to become the center of attention, the cynosure of all eyes, the star of the show – quite literally. Square shaped princess or oval shaped glittering; classic prong set or dainty bezel set gems – embellish the charming cocktail gemstone pendants, designs of which are teamed with a pair of equally stunning earrings.

Hallmarked Party Wear Gemstone Pendants

All the gemstone pendants and gemstone jewellery you buy from Candere are BIS hallmarked and the stones are GIA certified; be rest assured of your purchase. Not only that, with every purchase, you are sure to get a certificate of authentication from the certifying bodies where these gemstones are evaluated for their genuinity.


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