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All women love a little bling bling…Gemstones provide that bling! Bingo!

Women don’t ever fail to be charmed by all things bling bling, do they? Yeah and gems are all bling bling…Gems catch the fancy of women’s attention and they get into coffee conversations and party gossip too, like they were omnipresent? Only a woman can make gemstones omnipresent, correct? Any woman attending a party wouldn’t dare to enter without a sparkling gemstone either on her finger, her ears or her slender neck! Yeah, that’s where the gemstone pendants for women come in. Be it a floral design, a nature inspired design or a design inspired by royal artefacts; it has to be a shimmering gemstone pendant out there!


Have you tried to experiment with your looks and have you tried replacing your regular jewellery with something colourful and shiny? Try a precious gemstone pendant instead of your imitation or junk jewellery pendant - that has seen both- the light of the day as well as the glitter of the night! Give a chance to that lovely bespoke pendant you saw online, to adore your sleek neck!


Not only that, you need to find the perfect gold chain to complement your precious gemstone pendant you’ve recently added to your jewellery closet. Make a cool choice from amongst what you have in store here. Well, your fashion obsession doesn’t end here. There are matching earrings to go with your lovely pendants, so you won’t ever have to worry about making sets, because we have already done that for you! Easy now? It’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover, don’t you think?


Undecided about how to make the perfect wardrobe combination with a party looming on your head? You’ve got your dress, your handbag, your accessories, your shoes in place. But still feels incomplete, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we make your fashion fix for you. Don’t be a fashion victim and goof up with your style, just cause you’re in a haste, follow the experts’ advice and team up your chiffon saree with the bedazzling Veera Ruby Pendant and make sure to add charm to complete your look in precision. And yes, don’t forget to pair this pendant with matching earrings that will move in sync with every subtle nod of your head. Why should you miss a chance to wear the complete look when you have sets before you?


Such enchanting pieces of stylish gemstone pendants are surely not meant for the wardrobe walls, but for open air parties and for the lavish attention of eyes and greats ‘sighs’ that you hear when people will envy your choices! Aha!


If you love to go white and pearly-pearly, you will love to have one, two or multiple pieces of pearl pendants in both curves and geometrical contours as well: Pearlina Pendant, Marcia Emerald Pendant, Larissa Pendant; the Stephenie Pendant can be worn in 11 different styles, guess what! OMG!


Let the beauty of the gemstone pendant open up on your beautiful neck - with Marlena Ruby Pendant which is a beautiful creation, of capturing a 0.30 ct ruby stone amongst sparkling diamonds; at the end of this pendant, is a shining white pear shaped pearl, weighing 3.5 ct. Besides, what can be better than, having the opportunity to choose from so many designs and also choose what colour of gemstone you like the most. Awesome isn’t it?


If a geometrical shape is your thing, you’d love these designs and not want to miss out on showing your love for geometrical shapes like in the Merida Ruby Pendant. Any Diva would love to have an enchanting design like this one, to match with a pair of equally dainty Earrings too. Celine Ruby Pendant has the perfect combination of a flawless square shape, that cannot be perturbed and four golden curves to support the square from within. Here are two things that you can conveniently do with this piece: wear it as a statement piece with our without the earrings or, even change the ruby gemstone with Blue Sapphire or Emerald.


If you love the eternity of endless circles, the Denisa Saphire Pendant will enchant you with its fine design and what’s best, you can have a gemstone variation too. Sounds great.


Trust us; these are the real fashion-savers when you have to dash into an after-office party or head straight to a friend’s sangeet / wedding right from work: the simple yet dainty Louisa Pendant or the beautiful bold blue Eloise Blue Sapphire Pendant; feel the freedom with the twist around Eva Emerald Pendant; or show your love for droplets of rain in Elise Blue Sapphire Pendant; show that you can love again and again, with three hearts embedded within Liliana Ruby Pendant. The Kimrose Ruby Pendant, even though complicated, but will appeal to you if you love and admire peacocks and love to collect their feathers. Let the peacock spread out its beautiful feathers on your neck and ears. You can’t go wrong with this one when you want to be bold and get attention. If you love baguettes you will not want to miss out on this eye catchy piece - Loreen Ruby Pendant because of its majesty that resembles a royal bird with a magnificent feather like design on its head and a pretty fashionable floret design toward the bottom. But guess what? This is one piece that will let you sustain your love affair forever.


Go head, make that bold fashion statement, with whatever attire you wear, complete your dazzling look and tell us what made you fall in love! We are waiting to hear from you, folks!


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