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Gemstones add the much needed vibrancy to beautiful jewellery and break the monotony of diamonds and pearls!


            Well, let us talk about those women and girls who are stylish yet simple. As in, simply stylish. There are designs, there is elegance and then there are bands! Banding together clusters of gems and aligning them in pretty endless curves, we talk about the ethnic yet contemporary looking gemstone bands: Anusri Amethyst Band with band of tiny amethyst gems…wait there’s more: Anusri Garnet Band; Anusri Citrine Band; Anusri Aquamarine Band and Anusri Peridot Band…there’s more in store!


That was about single ensemble of gems in the center of the ring. How about two bands of gems on the periphery: top and bottom. Like the Devak range of gemstone rings - a classic perfect finish on the body - 5 mm thick: Devak Citrine Band; Devak Green Band, Devak Emerald Band & Devak Peridot Band - all three in shades of soothing green. Again, there’s more.  


Let’s explore a new style of band rings! Single band of single colours on the top periphery: Dhanishta Bands: with singular circle of leafy design on the band - 4.00 mm thick. Rings in this range are: Dhanishta Garnet Band; Dhanishta Tourmaline Green Band and Dhanishta Citrine Band. Awesome aren’t they? Well there are more colours: Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Amethyst, etc.

Let’s increase the “bandwith” - the thickness of the ‘band’ ie. from 4.00 mm to 6.00 mm - the Aashini range of bands that have space for more creativity or designs! The design on its surface is prettier and bolder. Check these out: Aashini Pink Sapphire Band; Aashini Peridot Band; Aashini Tanzanite Band and Aashini Ruby Band.

Enjoy playing with gems, folks!


            For those who absolutely love colours and like large pieces of jewellery Candere curates mesmerizing pieces and designs that will make you look nothing less than resplendent. Only a Diva can admire and also flaunt a 2 carat gemstone on her well-manicured finger. This is what describes the Gelsey range of gemstone rings - 2 carat in 4 prong setting: Gelsey Tourmaline Pink Ring and Gelsey Tourmaline Green Ring. It has three concentric oval rings with garland of round shaped diamonds and it looks garish.


Not content with this yet, wait there’s more to go. Would you like a princess cut gemstone in 1 carat - that too a sober Tourmaline Pink colour? Asvika Tourmaline Pink Ring will impress your colleagues during a refreshing coffee break and make for a good conversation too! If you think you want to gather compliments and good gossip every single day to feel special and indulged, Dhiti Tourmaline Pink Ring will get you all the attention you seek! If you are the traditional yet modern woman who loves to switch between being styles, Chayana Tourmaline Pink Ring should be your style! Another Diva style ring is Geet Tourmaline Pink Ring - with perfect oval shape and diva-licious design to adore your elegance even more!


For your daily wardrobe, or office wear, we suggest you pick one of these: Divena Pink Sapphire Band; Isabela Tourmaline Pink Ring - with single pink stone and two medium sized diamonds accompanied by 6 smaller diamonds, but pretty ones! Few more recommendations for a corporate look: carry your corporate elegance with the Antara Sapphire Ring; Eternity Ruby Ring; Vintage Beaded Sapphire Ring with alternating pink and blue sapphire stones!


 Your cocktail conversations would be so incomplete without Dishita Tourmaline Pink Ring - it’s a beautiful knotty design to admire your beautiful finger! Now, your life is set, with this lovely collection!


Life can’t get better than this: Candere loves gemstones as much as you and we have crafted this collection with extra precision. A host of opportunities for you to select your gemstone rings, choosing your gem, your design, the size of your gem, the colour of the gem, combination of gems, the quality of gold, the size of the ring - the colour of your gold too - yellow, white or rose! Phew! Shopping for gemstone rings on Candere is as Be-dazzling as it can get! You can’t think of stepping out in style for your cocktail party without one of these lovely colourful rings. So how many do you plan to have?



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