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Gold Coins

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How can gold coins save you against inflation?

Gold coins are believed to decrease risk and outperform the rate of inflation. When you buy gold coins, you essentially buy a physical asset that can easily be stored & traded. The example below shows the phenomenal growth of Gold Rates over two decades-

For example,

Year 2000- ₹440/gm for Gold Coin

Year 2023- ₹5660/gm for Gold Coin

How to measure the purity of gold coins?

Karat & Fineness define the purity of Gold Coins. The most common parameter is Karat. 24K is considered to be the purest form of Gold. Another important parameter is to check the BIS Hallmark. It represents that the Gold Coin is certified by an authentic body.

Which is the best gold coin to buy?

A Gold coin with the highest Karat value makes the best buy. As you lower the karat value, the mixture of other metals increases, thus decreasing the monetary & face value of the coin. 24K gold coin is considered to be the best & purest form of gold. 

How can I sell 24k gold coins?

There are several ways you can make use of a 24K gold coin. Since 24K is the purest form of gold, it will fetch you the best price. You can always exchange it at Candere & get jewellery made out of it by paying just the making charges of the new jewellery.

Which is better, a 22K or 24K gold coin?

When it comes to the quality of gold coins, the higher the karat value, the purer the gold content in the coin. So in terms of purity, a 24K gold coin is considered to be of higher quality than a 22K gold coin. A 24K gold coin contains 99.9% pure gold, whereas a 22K gold coin contains 91.7% pure gold.

Gold Coin Hallmarking?

Gold coin hallmarking is the process of certifying the quality and purity of a gold coin. Hallmarking of gold coins is mandatory to ensure the quality of gold being sold to customers. During hallmarking, the gold coin is tested and verified for its purity and quality by an accredited hallmarking centre. At Candere, you can get authentic & BIS Hallmarked jewellery.

Why invest in gold coins?

Historically, Gold has always been a very fruitful investment option. Gold Coin investment can protect you against inflation. It also brings diversification to your investment portfolio. Gold coins are highly liquid assets which makes it easy for the investor to convert their gold coins to cash. Also, Gold coin is a tangible asset to invest.

Is buying gold coins a good investment?

Buying Gold Coins can be a good investment for several reasons. It holds its value over time, making it a reliable store of wealth. Moreover, gold coins are tangible assets and can be held & stored outside of the traditional banking system.

Why is buying gold coins better than buying gold jewellery?

Gold coins are typically made of high-purity gold, such as 22K or 24K gold. Whereas gold jewellery mostly has other metals mixed in for durability or design purposes. Also, when you buy gold jewellery, you don't just pay for the metal, you pay for the design & craftsmanship also. Gold coins are easier to sell and can fetch the best value.

Where to buy gold coins online?

You can find several brands selling gold coins online. At Candere, you can shop 24K BIS Hallmarked Gold Coins with no making charges.

Does gold coin have making charges?

At Candere, there are no making charges on Gold Coin. You can purchase based on the purity of the gold coin without paying any making charges. At candere, we sell coins only at MRP.

What is the difference between 999 & 995 gold coins?

999 gold coins are considered to be the purest form of gold coins, as they are made up of 99.9% pure gold. 995 gold coins, on the other hand, are made up of 99.5% pure gold. While the difference in purity between 999 and 995 gold coins may seem small, it can affect the value of the coin.

Who was the first to issue the gold coins in India?

The origin of gold coins goes back to 270 BC. They were first issued by Indo-Greeks in India. It was first introduced by ruler Antochios II for various economic reasons.

How to buy gold coins?

You can buy a gold coin in the comfort of your house. By simply visiting the Candere website, you can browse through different quality gold coins. After choosing what you want, you can checkout by paying the mentioned amount. Gold coins at Candere are authentic and BIS certified. If you wish to shop offline, you can also visit Candere by Kalyan Jewellers’ experience centres.


Gold has always been highly valued due to its rarity, durability, and beauty. It is a precious metal that is relatively scarce in nature, making it a valuable commodity. Gold coins are also durable, as they do not rust or corrode over time like other metals. Gold coins have been used for many purposes throughout history. In ancient times, gold coins were used as a form of currency, and they were often used to pay soldiers and traders. Later on, it became a popular way to store and transfer wealth. In times of economic instability or uncertainty, people would often turn to gold coins as a safe haven for their money. Even today, gold coins remain a popular investment for individuals looking to protect their wealth.

The significance of gold coins extends beyond their economic value. Throughout history, gold has been seen as a symbol of power, wealth, and status. Gold coins were often used as gifts to show appreciation or as a sign of respect. They were also used to create artwork and jewellery, further demonstrating their cultural significance.

It can be concluded by saying that gold coins are more than just a valuable commodity; they hold a significant place in human history and culture. They have been used as currency, a store of wealth, and a symbol of power and status. Even in modern times, gold coins remain a popular investment and a symbol of financial stability. 

Gold Coin Rate Today

Gold Coin Rate in India has always been the biggest concern for everyone because that's the biggest source of investment for the people across the country. As opposed to other forms of investment you need not spend or save a fortune to buy a gold coin and bar. Gold coins can be bought starting from 1gram to 100 grams having most Reasonable Gold coin Rate in the Country and can be clubbed together at a time when you want to sell it. Thus making it easy to invest in multiple coins and Bars at best Gold Rate.

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Kalyan Jewellers Gold Coin

Have you ever thought of buying gold coins as an investment? There is nothing more satisfying than the assurance of making an investment that is not only tangible but also promises as steady return without any additional or hidden costs. Not only that, you do not have to trap your money for years and await its returns, with gold coins, you don’t safeguard your money, your money safeguards you.

You can immediately convert your gold coin into ready cash wherever required and make every penny count!

Advantages of buying Gold Coins

Gold has always been a time-honoured part of investment plans in India. It is no surprise why millions of people flock to buy gold on Akshay Tritiya and Dhanteras. Here are some advantages of investing in gold:

Best Gift: Gold Coins

Gold is something that will forever be precious and valuable. Gifting someone gold signifies that it’s been gifted with good intention. If you’re unsure about buying gold jewellery, go for gold coins for strictly investment purposes. Shopping gold coins allow you to buy it at the gold rate of that place on that day and not spend any additional money.

Security Anchor: Gold Coins

The gold rate has a positive growth in the market in the broader time frame. If you buy gold at a certain gold rate today, you can be assured that you will always get more when you want to sell it off in the distant future.

Gold Coin Price

Gold prices tend to increase as opposed to other investments that require you to take a risk, that may even decline, thus making gold a more stable investment.

Gold is an investment that you can use in times of dire crisis, recessions, family emergencies, weddings, whenever you are in a need for urgent cash, gold proves its worth. Since the gold rate has usually grown, it’s a preferred choice of investment for many!