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Tip Toes Gold Anklet
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Footloose Gold An...
Rs. 14,566

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Floral Trail Gold...
Rs. 20,581

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Leafstream Gold A...
Rs. 22,056

Offer Price: Rs. 16,856 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Beating Heart Gol...
Rs. 20,581

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Unstoppable Gold ...
Rs. 15,038

Offer Price: Rs. 11,492 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Love Gold Anklet
Rs. 15,274

Offer Price: Rs. 11,672 (50% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)


Gold Anklets

Many women around the world wear gold anklets to look fashionable and trendy. Wearing anklets for girls holds significant meanings in many regions of the world however they are mainly worn to beautify a woman. In some cultures they are worn so that the people in the household or a gathering is aware that they are in the presence of a woman and act respectfully when they are around whenever they hear the clicking sound of the anklet. Regardless of its traditional significance, these anklets for girls are designed to match the modern trends and help enhance your existing beauty. They are quite versatile and go with most of the modern outfits and traditional attires also. Also explore our Diamond Jewellery, Diamond Rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Necklaces & Diamond Pendants.


Gold Anklets Online

In our online collection you will find sleek and stylish gold anklets that are intricately designed to meet your expectations. Some of our best pieces of gold anklets are, Leafstram Gold Anklets, Beating Heart Gold Anklets and Floral Gold Anklets. Gold is considered as an auspicious piece of jewelleryand is associated with wealth, prosperity, fortune, purity and luck. Almost every Indian tradition is celebrated with the use of gold since it is believed it brings good charm and happiness. Also explore our Ring, Earrings, Pendant, Necklaces, Chains & Mangalsutra.

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