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Gold Women Rings Below 20,000

(124 Items)
Our Pick
Yutika Hearts Gol...
Rs. 14,895

Style No GR00103

Our Pick
She N I Eternity ...
Rs. 7,535

Style No GR00586

Loveline Gold Band
Rs. 6,310

Style No GR00951

Malar Gold Band
Rs. 7,955

Style No GR01014

Hoor Gold Band
Rs. 8,793

Style No GR01011

Our Pick
Tanushri Gold Wed...
Rs. 15,315

Offer Price: Rs. 11,769 (50% Making Off)

Korra Gold Band
Rs. 7,148

Style No GR01074

Saira Gold Band
Rs. 9,341

Style No GR01029

Our Pick
Irene Gold Ring
Rs. 17,598

Offer Price: Rs. 13,523 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Pankti Gold Ring
Rs. 16,877

Offer Price: Rs. 12,969 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Ardour Hearts Gol...
Rs. 8,793

Style No GR00384

Our Pick
Larrissa Gold Ring
Rs. 13,813

Style No GR00237

Aurea Gold Ring
Rs. 8,148

Style No GR00819

Lisbeth Gold Band
Rs. 7,535

Style No GR01101

Clarice Gold Band
Rs. 8,631

Style No GR01071


Affordable Gold Rings

The word affordable comes as a sigh of relief especially when the ring in concern is for a loved one, or a proposal or has taken a great deal of effort to purchase. Some gifts mean much more than others and everyone deserves to get that one ring that can create history in that one moment.

Budget Gold Rings

Candere offers an eclectic collection of petite and pretty diamond rings suitable for gifting, starting at 6,000/-only. From Love knots to name rings like the ‘wired in love gold ring’ or the ‘hope gold ring’ you can customize it with a name of your choice.  What’s more is each product has an engraving feature that lets you purchase your ring with your message engraved. You can watch it being written while you select your choice of font and character too.