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Heavy Gold

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They told me I couldn’t; that’s why I did.

Heavy Gold Ring Designs

When the craftsmen receiving orders for gold rings for men are given complicated or elaborate designs like the ones in this collection, it becomes a challenge to keep up the expectations about finish and quality. But for Candere, it comes as a cake walk, thanks mainly to our competent designing, computerized rendering and teamwork of skilled craftsmen. Because these are heavy gold rings with detailed designing, manufacturing cannot be compromised for whatever reason and hence we take pains to ensure only the best finish on the final product, be it diamonds or gold jewellery.


Because it is challenging to place trust one someone on the other side of the screen, Candere takes extra effort to provide not just an assurance of genuine, best and A+ quality gold rings for men, but also makes shopping very easy and simple. Selection, pricing, expert counselling, jewellery buying guidance, best offers, comparisons, design clarity, competent check-outs & competent deliveries, all these are more are the benefits of online jewellery shopping.

Heavy Gold Rings

The USP of this collection is that every design is uniquely carved out and trust us when we say this: it looks even more elegant on the finger, in real, than it does on your digital screens. These have robust bandwidth, use lots of gold and are therefore heavier in weight and also pricing. Nonetheless, they are still priced below 40000 and if need be, one can avail of the EMI facility for payments. Rest assured, you will be given only BIS hallmarked and certified jewellery.


Even though men don’t prefer rose gold, because it has a slight girly touch to it, white gold or rhodium white finish is something that men still seek. Some of mens wedding rings can be casted in white gold and rhodium finish too. Make sure you give complete and proper instructions while placing your orders with Candere for us to give you only the best services.

Rs. 28,641

Style No GR00215

Rs. 30,031

Style No GR00213

Rs. 30,031

Style No GR00229

Rs. 25,483

Style No GR00247

Rs. 25,483

Style No GR00201

Rs. 33,639

Style No GR00225

Rs. 25,257

Style No GR00245

Rs. 22,063

Style No GR00209

Rs. 29,467

Style No GR00219

Rs. 33,150

Style No GR00221

Rs. 20,484

Style No GR00233

Rs. 22,288

Style No GR00199

Rs. 30,482

Style No GR00231

Rs. 24,093

Style No GR00197

Rs. 30,482

Style No GR00217