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Gold Dramatic Bangles

(132 Items)
Karabi Nimah Gold...
Rs. 122,511

Offer Price: Rs. 99,753 (50% Making Off)

Valini Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 164,967

Offer Price: Rs. 134,237 (50% Making Off)

Pallavini Nimah G...
Rs. 136,469

Offer Price: Rs. 111,224 (50% Making Off)

Kakoli Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 116,161

Offer Price: Rs. 94,763 (50% Making Off)

Pihu Nimah Gold B...
Rs. 157,448

Offer Price: Rs. 128,201 (50% Making Off)

Giva Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 244,159

Offer Price: Rs. 198,304 (50% Making Off)

Atreyi Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 152,043

Offer Price: Rs. 123,801 (50% Making Off)

Namrah Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 129,409

Offer Price: Rs. 105,539 (50% Making Off)

Aaloka Nimah Gold...
Rs. 174,178

Offer Price: Rs. 141,687 (50% Making Off)

Karuli Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 254,858

Offer Price: Rs. 207,025 (50% Making Off)

Kuvam Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 390,872

Offer Price: Rs. 317,994 (50% Making Off)

Iksura Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 169,459

Offer Price: Rs. 138,559 (50% Making Off)

Kunja Rang Gold Bangle
Rs. 161,180

Offer Price: Rs. 135,934 (50% Making Off)

Trayathi Nimah Gold Bangle
Rs. 374,115

Offer Price: Rs. 304,512 (50% Making Off)

Rujula Vedha Gold Bangle
Rs. 213,859

Offer Price: Rs. 177,690 (50% Making Off)

Ehzil Mudhra Gold Bangle
Rs. 321,812

Offer Price: Rs. 260,800 (50% Making Off)


Bangles are one of the most common form of jewellery that women love wearing on a daily basis. They are fancy, yet playful and light. Daily wear bangles are usually worn as a single piece or in two. For festive occasions, you may wear these bangles in pair or wear a broad dramatic bangle design.

Most of the gold bangles designs are made in 22K Yellow Gold. 24K pure gold is very soft and the shape can be changed with bare hands. Jewellery like bangles are best when made in 22K gold. 22K gold is also the most preferred gold purity for such types of jewellery in India. You will find 200+ dramatic gold bangles designs below to dress up for various occasions. They are great for gifting purposes too!


Gold Dramatic Bangles

Gold bangles designs can be classified based on pricing, metal weight, styling, etc.

One interesting way of bifurcating these gold bangles designs are weight. Since it’s one of the daily wear jewellery, judging the jewellery by its weight makes perfect sense. Keeping that in mind, the lightest bangle is Eswary Nivara Gold Bangle. It weighs only 8.47gm and is made exclusively in 22K Yellow Gold purity and colour.

In the 10gm to 20gm category we have these designs - Ajini, Ilanji, Niesha, Iksuvari, Melani, Shasha, Pujitha, Rukm, Jashwi, Nakti, Nithi, Keran, Hirakshi, Nasila, etc,  

In the 20gm to 30gm weight category, you will find – Diti, Sajala, Edha, Valini, Girja, Aaloka, Twisha, Ganika, Diipta, Prathysha, etc.

In 30gm to 40gm category, you will find – Taral, Raagyii, Toula, Parisa, Neysa, Tarati, Raviva, Kuvam, etc.

If you’re looking for heavy gold bangles designs, here are some options above 40gm for you - Sunheri, Mythili, Vamakshi, Aarunya, Upari, Nikhila, Kasya, Tarathi, Kaari, Sitara, Naraya, Annapurna, etc.


Gold Bangles Designs with Price

Not just by metal weight, another way of selecting gold bangle designs is pricing i.e. selecting the best in a given price range. The price ranges you find below are - below 40k, 40k - 50k, 50k – 60k, 60k – 70k, 70k – 80k and 90k - 100k. All these price ranges have a good number of gold bangles designs for you to pick up from.

The gold bangles price starts at ~Rs. 34,107 only with Smarta Kyra Gold Kada. This bangle is available in 22K Yellow Gold exclusively and can be ordered as per your wrist size ranging from 2-0 to 2-12 ANNA with a slight change in pricing. This kada can be worn on a daily basis or occasionally. You can find more such gold bangles designs with weight and price mentioned for each below.

Buy Gold Bangles Online

The gold bangles designs you see below can be bought for multiple occasions like - casual outings, daily wear, festive, wedding. These gold bangles designs come in different patterns from simple to intricate to satisfy your fashion needs. The gold bangles designs start from an affordable price point and allows you to avail them under our EMI schemes - Play & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht.