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Occasional Gold Bangles

Occasional gold bangles, also known as fashionable gold bangles, become a part of special events in a person’s life, they define prosperity and elegance. They add charm to any outfit, especially Indian outfits: Salwar suits, Sarees, Churidar-suits, Skirt-tops, ethnic and festive wear. These are those bangles, that are meant to be worn occasionally, or gifted to someone special, either for their birthdays, weddings, marriage functions, or even anniversaries or just like that, to express love and affection.

Gold Bangles Design With Price

Any woman wearing these designer gold bangles tends to create a fashion statement – the importance of such gold bangles hence cannot be underestimated. Such styles, over a period of time, get associated with one’s identification and set benchmark for what is known as sophistication. Dainty wrists look even daintier with a pair of set of gold bangles. Single pieces of such gold bangles will cost you anywhere between 40000 to 240000.

Gold Bangles Latest Designs

All the bangles in this collection vary in design and thickness and most of them have white or black rhodium finish. Even though the sleeker ones can be worn daily, the slightly thicker ones that look festive, have to be worn only on certain occasions or parties. Modern day designer bangles usually have spaces in their designs to keep them light-weight and also bring down the pricing and make them more affordable; gold bangles are a sign of affluence.


Rs. 58,627

Style No GB00145

Rs. 38,512

Style No GB00143

Rs. 50,289

Style No GB00029

Rs. 49,374

Style No GB00035

Rs. 43,888

Style No GB00033

Rs. 43,888

Style No GB00031

Rs. 54,861

Style No GB00077

Rs. 51,203

Style No GB00041

Rs. 45,790

Style No GB00151

Rs. 50,215

Style No GB00079

Rs. 45,790

Style No GB00149

Rs. 44,035

Style No GB00153

Rs. 50,215

Style No GB00075

Rs. 49,338

Style No GB00071

Rs. 45,570

Style No GB00069