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Gold Festive Rings

(74 Items)
Abelia Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 6,416

Style No KCGR058

Vasudha Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 6,597

Style No KCGR038

Janan kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 6,719

Style No KCGR073

Zainab Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 6,719

Style No KCGR080

Bloom Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 6,749

Style No KCGR075

Gulisa Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 6,749

Style No KCGR081

Sword leaf Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 6,840

Style No KCGR072

Jasleen Kyra Gold...
Rs. 7,082

Style No KCGR059

Zella Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 7,174

Style No KCGR077

Ira Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 7,204

Style No KCGR070

Ucchal Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 7,235

Style No KCGR035

Zyanya Kyra Gold ...
Rs. 7,235

Style No KCGR066

Lovanna Kyra Gold...
Rs. 7,386

Style No KCGR071

Plaid Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 7,386

Style No KCGR082

Mayuara Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 7,689

Style No KCGR065

Narah Kyra Gold Ring
Rs. 7,720

Style No KCGR074


Festive Rings are special rings that you wear on festive occasions like Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, etc. These rings will compliment your Indian traditional outfit irrespective of the region you belong to. They are meant to be worn with all types of traditional clothes.

In this page, you will find the latest festive ring designs. These rings are mostly gold festive rings available in 22K Yellow Gold exclusively.

Already imagining wearing these gold festive rings in the upcoming pujas? Let’s walk you through all the rings here.


Festive Rings

Festive rings are usually big sized rings that can be worn on festive occasions as well as other events where you need to dress up in traditional. The festive rings you find below are gold festive rings. From simple designs to broad intricate designs, these rings are designed for all categories.

The fact that these rings are made in gold makes them even more apt for the Indian crowd who have a special thing for the traditional Yellow Gold. These rings will also make a great gifting jewellery for your mom or someone similar as these can be worn over many years and be in style.


Festive Rings for Women

The gold festive rings you see below are pretty lightweight because they weigh up to 6gms only. The lightest one in the lot is Diandra Gold ring and is also priced the lowest i.e. Rs. 7,507.  You can sort these gold festive rings based on their styling i.e. traditional, contemporary, designer and classic.

The traditional gold festive rings include Gulinaar, Florian, etc. These traditional designs can be worn effortlessly with any ethnic attire. The contemporary designs are Jivanta, Iyla, Aruna, etc. Their designs are not girl-next-door and will be so for quite some time.


Festive Rings Designs

Since these gold festive rings are meant to be worn only on festive occasions, here are a bunch of designs that look pretty big and intricate and are sure affordable - Ketifa, Gulinaar, Ayana, Sirisha, Posala, Juhi and many more.

These designs are perfect to be worn with on festive occasion with a laal paar shada sari, benarasi sari, lehenga choli, salwar kameez, etc. Women of every age group will look nothing less than gorgeous. You can also get these as your statement ring if you’re a lover of all things gold!


Buy Festive Rings Online

The best thing about these gold festive rings is the pricing. They start from a base price of Rs. 7,507 only with Jivata Gold Ring (same as Diandra). Quite affordable, isn’t it? You can get these gold festive rings as a gift for your dear and loved ones and we’ll get them shipped to the mentioned address with a nice gift wrap.


If you liked any of the gold festive rings here priced above Rs. 10,000, don’t forget to check the EMI options before purchase. We have two types of EMI - Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Choose either of these EMI options as per your needs.

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