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A heart as pure as gold will never fear adverse situations or will never harbour apprehension about being put through the test. Wearing a gold chain around your neck is a mark of prestige and prosperity. Gold and precious stones are assets that we possess that we rely on, in times of financial adversity. Precious metal in the form of genuine real gold, real silver or real platinum; and precious stones in the form of gemstones & diamonds are assets for us. These always remain valuable no matter what, because they can be en-cashed anytime, anywhere. Interestingly jewellery is very versatile when it comes to designs, trends and choices - whether in gold or diamonds. Change in trends like these, one would notice happens on a very aggressive basis, owing to many factors like choices, designs, prices, thickness or density of chains and so on. What triggers these factors majorly is the economy and market and most importantly, the performance of gold and diamond prices on international scales.


Chain is a versatile piece of jewellery that gels with all occasions or seasons alike. Our range of daily-wear gold chains for men is dynamic and versatile and is priced between INR 15,000 to 73,000. Men usually love to wear thick gold chains around their neck, in contrast to women, who love to wear delicate thin gold chains. Check our beautiful designs in gold chains for men for daily wear: Avery Gold Chain; Myrna Gold Chain; Ryan Gold Chain; Bailey Gold Chain and Andy Gold Chain - these are moderately thick gold chains.


If you love thick gold chains, you would purchase these designs: Round Box Gold Chain; Darcey Gold Chain; Solid Butterfly Gold Chain; Christian Gold Chain and Cullen Gold Chain. If you are religious hearted and love to wear tulsi around your neck, here are two beautiful designs for you: Smith Gold Tulsi Mala and Melvin Gold Tulsi Mala.


Candere provides the opportunity to gold lovers - in the form of comfort of gold chain online shopping. You would love to explore these collections: link of gold and heavy armour gold chains ranging between 15,000 to 81,000 INR.

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