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Gold Men Dailywear

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Daily Wear Gold Chains For Men

All that glitters is gold, gold and lots more gold! If it does not glitter, it is definitely not gold. Gold chains adorn the neck part of your persona, you may wear one thick gold chain, or layer it up, if it is thin. There are several common types, christened on the basis of their styling and manufacturing. Figaro, connector, Italian, rope chain, ball chain, barleycorn chain, V chain, bike link chain, Bismarck, box chain, Brazilian chain, and so on. Some are originally Indian styles, while some are adopted styles, as per likes of the market, of the buyers, of the designers or manufacturers – from across the globe. But, in either case, each chain has a distinct style of making, observed all across the world, wherever it may be manufactured or sought.

Daily Wear Gold Chains Models

Gold chains are perhaps the only gold item that are produced in mass and are usually not customized, unless there is a specific requirement. Well, in this case, the purity of gold, measured in karats, is of utmost importance and the foremost deciding factor in purchases. Gold chains are one’s assets, wealth and sign of luxury or lifestyle. Even though chains are usually cast in 22K gold, rarely would you find it in 18K or lower, unless perhaps in some country apart from India, where the karat of gold is highly important; whereas in western regions or Europe, buyers may go lower on karats, since their focus is more on the stones. It is said that gold has to go through furnace and tolerate hammering to be able to manifest into a product of beauty that the wearer will behold. While some chains may be manufactured, marketed and sold in platinum or silver too.

Daily Wear Gold Chains With Prices

Wearing a gold chain around your neck is a mark of prestige and prosperity. These amazing daily wear gold chains are priced between 20,000 to 70,000. Gold and precious jewellery are assets that we rely on, in times of financial adversity. Precious metal in the form of genuine real gold, or real platinum are considered as assets. These always remain valuable no matter what, because they can be en-cashed anytime, anywhere. Interestingly jewellery is very versatile when it comes to designs, trends and choices - whether in gold or diamonds. Change in these trends are aggressive and swift – like the blink of an eye. Prices of gold chains may fluctuate, owing to many factors like market fluctuations, designs, thickness or density of the metal and so on. What triggers these factors majorly is the economy and market and most importantly, the performance of gold and diamond prices on international markets.

Hallmarked Gold Chains For Men

All gold chains or jewellery items have to be mandatorily hallmarked and BIS marked by authentic certifying bodies. These items when sold have to be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, stating its details, like karat, weight in gms, density, length, and date of manufacture or certification.

Rs. 38,661

Style No K000001

Rs. 19,366

Style No K000136

Rs. 30,578

Style No K000142

Rs. 51,666

Style No K000076

Rs. 27,380

Style No K000025

Rs. 43,546

Style No K000031

Rs. 26,536

Style No K000364

Rs. 67,411

Style No K000274

Rs. 44,672

Style No K000169

Rs. 34,092

Style No K000139

Rs. 27,063

Style No K000013

Rs. 51,666

Style No K000124

Rs. 27,063

Style No K000004

Rs. 34,092

Style No K000094

Rs. 34,092

Style No K000019