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Gold Handmade Chains for men

(19 Items)
Sebestian Gold Chain
Rs. 84,321

Offer Price: Rs. 71,884 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Mathew Bagal Dana...
Rs. 165,856

Offer Price: Rs. 141,393 (50% Making Off)

Darrell Gold Chain
Rs. 81,479

Offer Price: Rs. 67,956 (50% Making Off)

Jaison Gold Chain
Rs. 503,008

Offer Price: Rs. 428,818 (50% Making Off)

Ginevra Gold Chain
Rs. 450,433

Offer Price: Rs. 375,676 (50% Making Off)

Noemi Gold Chain
Rs. 324,265

Offer Price: Rs. 270,447 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Smith Gold Tulsi ...
Rs. 69,261

Offer Price: Rs. 59,046 (50% Making Off)

Sonia Gold Chain
Rs. 81,419

Offer Price: Rs. 67,906 (50% Making Off)

Edmund Gold Chain
Rs. 92,563

Offer Price: Rs. 77,201 (50% Making Off)

Dolores Gold Chain
Rs. 94,869

Offer Price: Rs. 80,877 (50% Making Off)

Cleo Gold Chain
Rs. 110,129

Offer Price: Rs. 93,886 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Victor Gold Chain
Rs. 81,479

Offer Price: Rs. 67,956 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Darcey Gold Chain
Rs. 78,001

Offer Price: Rs. 65,055 (50% Making Off)

Nikolas Gold Chain
Rs. 126,050

Offer Price: Rs. 107,459 (50% Making Off)

Robin Gold Chain
Rs. 126,050

Offer Price: Rs. 107,459 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
Bailey Gold Chain
Rs. 158,160

Offer Price: Rs. 134,832 (50% Making Off)


Likewise, you can’t resist gifting gold to someone when you are fond of it and have a good collection yourself. It is wise to have a collection of gold and gold jewellery, not just for the sake of it, but moreso to have an asset to depend upon in adversity. Also, in times of celebration and festivities, you would not have to think twice about choice of jewellery in accordance with the occasion that lies before you. People can always fall back on jewellery when they have the need. Link gold chains for men have two alluring designs priced at INR 35,800.


Buying or wearing gold jewellery definitely lifts up your style quotient and makes you a fashion icon that people love to copy in some way or the other. Not only that, you are always ‘in style’ by wearing jewellery on you. Even if you have to step out for a social gathering in a hurry, and don’t have time to groom up, your jewellery will always vouch for you. For fashion wear, you would always choose one of these thick link gold chains: Victor Gold Chain and Sebestian Gold Chain.


What is a pendant without a chain? If you have a collection of really beautiful diamond pendants, then you must have a bunch of gold chains too! Explore these collections of gold chains for men: daily wear dynamic and heavy armour gold chains ranging between 15,000 to 81,000 INR.

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